Life imitates Christopher Brookmyre novel.


The panoramic views are spectacular, although the shuttle service will not be for the faint-hearted. Mohamed Al Fayed's dream of building a luxury hotel on an oil rig moved a step closer to reality yesterday when an oil company agreed to decommission a platform off eastern Scotland.

A 50-bedroom country house-style hotel would sit on the rig in the Cromarty Firth, also offering a visitor centre showing the history of the oil industry, and a shop and restaurant for day trippers after the platform is made available in 2008 by an unnamed oil company.
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"Nowhere in the world can someone stay on an oil rig"

Yeah. You know, I'm not actually sure that's true; I seem to recall that workers in the off-shore oil industry stay on them all the time!

His tenth? I feel very old now. The plot looks interesting, though.
Has Fayed ever visited Scotland or an oilrig? I hope he isn't thinking of the ones that appear in James Bond movies... he could be in for a surprise :) hehehe
I think he's got an estate in Scotland (and everywhere else too, probably) but I've no idea if he's been out on the rigs at ll.