Kosh says . . . "Oh bugger."

Andreas Katsulas died on Monday. A great shame.

In happier news, from a recent Ansible :

Ellen Galford, feminist fantasy novelist, and her partner Ellen Kelly took advantage of the new UK civil partnership legislation in January: `As unapologetic 70s feminists we see Civil Partnership as preferable to marriage.' (Equality Network News, January) [FN]

She came and read from her novel "The Dyke and the Dybbuk" at an SFSoc meeting many years ago, and even though it's now back in print I still haven't bought myself a copy. I must correct that soon.

I should probably mention the Sluts of Trust gig in Glasgow before Christmas. Lara and Seth gave me a lift through. It was at the Barfly again. The first band on were Stapleton, who apparently have been going for several centuries althugh I'd never heard of them before. L&S said they were quite civilised and in fact almost Coldplayesque compared to previous time(s?) they'd seen them.

Next was the appallingly-yet-also-memorably-named We Rock Like Girls Don't. I'd not heard anything by them before - indeed, apart from Kathryn having mentioned not getting a job playing bass with the singer/guitarist, I'm not sure I'd heard of them at all, and I only remembered that a bit later. Rather good, though, in a heavy-rock kinda way, as long as you don't mind having lots of songs about songs and bands and music. I'm sure if it was the sort of music trendy philosophers liked, they'd be described as postmodern and ironic - probably a lucky escape for them there.

Nicely energetic stuff, and when they were offstage later I noticed that they were all quite tall. "Surprisingly tall", as a certain Mr Radcliffe once said of Elastica. Incidentally, there's a picture of Jenny Lewis, the Walker twins (with whom she's just done an album) and a couple of other people including Radcliffe, and she's bloody tiny. Even Scrawn is towering over her. Anyway, I'd actually noticed WRLGD as we were watching Stapleton, because three quite tall women walked right in front of me and then stood by some blokes and amps by the stage. I thought the blokes were the band and they were their mates, at first, but of course it turned out it was the other way round.

Sluts of Trust are of course another of these annoying bassless bands who nevertheless manage to be quite good. In this case, there's a slight bloke with a guitar and some closecropped facial hair, and a drummer with what looked like a kickdrum strapped to the front of his kickdrum. With a socket to plug a lead into rather than any visible microphone. Anyone know what's going on there?

They were fine, though. As with certain other bassless bands I may have mentioned lately, they kicked up a fine racket. And were slightly louche, although I understand they used to be even loucher.

Didn't make it to Rome Burns. This is a shame - sorry, guys. I will try to catch up with you again before too long.

Just because I'm telling you about this doesn't mean I think you should necessarily look at it:

Which among you like Low but don't have the Christmas EP?

Leith FM seem to have landed a proper broadcasting licence. This is good. Old College quad, apparently, is finally going to get finished, with a little garden in the middle as was apparently orignally intended. It's only taken them a couple of centuries.

Alison sez "Possibly the most Scottish story in the world"

Last night I went to see the Kodo drummers, who were just great. I'm not entirely sure they were actually better than Tao or what I remember of Wadaiko Ichiro, but as they each had a distinctive style, I'm not complaining. It was terrific fun. At the end I got flyered by these interesting people, who had come up in Beltane-related discussion and are playing in Glasgow and Edinburgh soon.
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Nah, it would have been totally Scottish if the song in question was 'Why Does it Always Rain on Me?' Because you're from the Scottish West Coast, you eejit

I haven't discussed Low with you recently, but don't posses the EP.
I found a copy for 50p in a charity shop a few months ago - you want it?
*wurble* *splosh* Well, there goes the galaxy ... *bing* *squirble*
Seconded, except on Queendom Come, but only because I haven't got it. I liked her a lot both times I met her too, way back when.

Oops only just saw this apologee for missing Rome Burns in Newcastle... I hope you didn't think we were sulking at not acknowledging this, since you heartlessly spurned us for just another drab night North of the Border!!

Actually reading this made me realise how much I would have liked to see the Kodo drummers.

Anyway, some day Adelle and I, or the band, or all the cool people of Cambridgeshire will fly North and see you (and all the other Cambridgeshire escapees). I don't know when... but it will happen... and that's a threat!