The weekend coming.



Teviot Underground*, Sat 11th February

9pm - 3am : £2 entry : non-students welcome : bring photo ID

industrial - punk - alternative - goth

this one is 3 days before valentine's day, so we'll be doing our best 
to dig out the most utterly filthy, bitter and inappropriate songs to play.

Someone was just asking about this weekend on edinburgers, and we were beaten to pointing ourselves out. I guess we've become a fixture, then?

Secondly, it's come to my attention that Rome Burns are supporting GLJ in Newcastle on the Sunday. It's a couple of hours off, but do any of you fancy it? I can drive folk down, if there are any interested. It's 10 quid a ticket.

*That's the Park Room, OK?
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By 'GLJ', I take it you mean 'Gene Loves Jezebel'? Would it be possible to see Rome Burns then leave before GLJ came on?
Having listened to them, they are good. OK, I'm up for Sunday.

Regarding Gigantor, are people meeting up somewhere beforehand?
Right. Sunday's possible, then. Ideally I'd like another bod or two to motivate me properly, but hopefully I can find them.

I don't know what people in general are doing. I'm packing records up and going straight over.
It's definitely a matter of opinion. It's my opinion, and Nik's, but they have fans.

To be honest, I don't think I've heard anything by them from the last 18 years, so I can't claim my view's at all informed.
To be honest, I don't think I've heard anything by them from the last 18 years, so I can't claim my view's at all informed.

Well, I haven't really heard anything they've done in the last (pulls out old record, looks at date) 20 years, but I think we're well enough connected that we would have noticed people going 'Have you heard that new GLJ track, it's (insert jazzy slang word which means good)'. After all, we know who 'Rome Burns' are...
Gigantor is on the same night as the PA feast this time. I'm intending to attend both, but this will result in me arriving some time between 11-12. Ross should be on the door (he's the nice one with the Geordie accent) until I arrive.

Looking forward to it!
I am definitely going to come to Gigantor. I may be interested in Sunday but I've had enough of Newcastle! (See my LJ)
Do you mean The Laundry Song (by Nerf Herder) off the Short Music for Short People compilation?
That's the Nerf Herder song. 69 Love songs is indeed terrific, though (and particularly vgood value) and I'll happily lend you one of my copies if you like.
If you want bitter, twisted, deviant love you can't really go past Rammstein.