> There are no hymns but goth music is played instead, including artists such as Depeche Mode, Joy Division and the Sisters of Mercy, said Mr Ramshaw, 34.

Oh, I do hope Andrew Eldritch is reading .. :-).
I would like to move cities please. Far, far, away from Cambridge and all it's deviousness!
Edinburgh's nice. Everyone should move to Edinburgh. Except the bad people. They should move to Glasgow.
I wonder if it's worth the Calling organisers writing to the Guardian to disassociate themselves from this, and to point out that The Calling has been running a lot longer than Goth Eucharist?
Not really - it's not as if the article claims that the club is in any way a Christian event. Besides, why would they want to argue with free advertising in a national paper?!
Shit, it's the same guy and his crowd of "goths". Zeroes to heroes in a 3 minute Look East report. What's the world coming to? Treacherous swines.
Looks like the church is getting really desperate now! They'll have a ned equivalent soon. I wonder how they'd do that!? RnB in church, then off to the nearest street corner to throw bricks at cars?
I think they did that in Sheffield a few years ago. IIRC it got horribly discredited after some dodgy behavior by the vicar.

I'd forgotten about that. I must dig out the lyrics for Antipope, actually. Someobody must have posted them somewhere.
That's brilliant..

I attended church myself in full Goth gear a couple of times. Most of the old ladies thought it was lovely.
Awesome! Sounds like Cambridge is getting more interesting again.