Errr . . . well, on Monday I went for a drink with Peter in the Hoose, and bumped into Phil (WINOLJ?) and figg and folk. I'd thought the Clearlake album would be out, but it's next Monday.

Yesterday I was up at sparrowfart for a 9am appointment on High Riggs, which went fine. I made up for it with a nap in the early afternoon, and then after doing some light shopping I went to see Ed.

I have to get tickets for a few things. In particular, Gin Powers at the Cabaret Voltaire, because someone's fucked up the publicity slightly and it's actually the Gin Palace. This is on Saturday the 28th (clashes with John Cale in Glasgow), although those of you in darkest HomeCountiesShire may like to be reminded that they're playing in London tomorrow (that being Thursday in this case).

According to an ad in the Grauniad - oh, and from his website, too - the </a></b></a>archdrude is on tour with a guitar band. Saturday the 25th Feb at the QMU for me, I think, but many of the usual bases are covered.

Congratulations to The Crimea for hitting the middling time with their new number 31 single, the rerecorded Lottery Winners On Acid. They're on tour again soon, so with only a little luck I'll catch up with them this time, after only about three years. Monday the 27th February for me, at the Venue, but they're all over the place.

The Books are playing in Glasgow on the 1st of February, a Wednesday. I guess you'll either have heard some or you won't. They're hard to describe.

Starsailor's support band . . . Ah. Hobotalk. This may mean going to see Starsailor . . . (Update - not Starsailor, even vaguely. The Sundowns. No idea how that happened.)

Hank. Yes, fresh from his duet with Wild Bill Shatner, Rollins is doing a spoken-ramblings tour, and he'll be at the Usher Hall (I wonder if that's the same Usher that was responsible for the Usher Institute, just across the road from the flat?) in March. Other dates are here (locally, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Dublin get terrorised - Oz and NZ seem to be up for an earbashing between now and then).

Bauhaus, of course, are touring really imminently, although for once I already have a ticket for the 29th of January in Glasgow. I take it all you sad goths are going to see them too? I notice an entry on their website from November - Anaheim tickets will go on sale Friday with the presale password of "goth". Not everyone's in denial, then - Andy Eldy eat your heart out. And Kev Haskins' daughters are in a band called BlackBlack. You just can't take some people anywhere, can you?

Kodo drummers . . . unless they're sold out already. 16 February. Festival Theatre.

Bloco Vomit return for their tenth anniversary and hundredth gig (only one of which I've so far attended) on Friday the 27th of January at the Wee Red.

No further word on Laughin' Len Cohen - late this year, probably, according to one of the various Only Official Websites.

If you've not already heard it (unlikely - I know you all have your fingers on the pulse) then be aware that The Internet Is For Porn (3 meg mp3). It's from the award-winning musical Avenue Q, which is apparently opening in London soon.

Finally, I notice via Slashdot that the Sanger's trace repository has hit [pinky between teeth] one billion entries, resulting in a single database of about 22 terabases - very little of which is my fault. Odd cropping decision on that graphic. Not how I'd have done it. Nice clean trace, though.
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From the Vaguely Interested In Local History department and their pal Google:

The Usher Institute for Public Health was built in 1902 with a major donation from Sir John Usher of Norton, of the famous Edinburgh distillers.

The Usher Institute was founded at a time when the health of the Edinburgh residents was showing some improvement, due to better housing and economic conditions in the city. The lethal epidemics of cholera and typhus disappeared sooner from Edinburgh than from any other large city in the UK, but other health and social problems like diphtheria, tetanus, polio and malnutrition of children, remained. Edinburgh pioneered many advances in public health.

Whereas the brewer, Andrew Usher, was the benefactor of the Usher Hall. He specified that it should seat three thousand people and be a place where "good music" was played. He wanted the public to have a greater appreciation for "good music". The City Council apparently squabbled for so long about where to build it that he died long before they chose a site:

Andrew Usher never lived to see the finished hall which bears his name. He died in 1898, two years after making his donation of £100,000 and 16 years before the completion of the building in 1914.

If I understand this page correctly, they were brothers, from a family with twelve children.

is form a musical!!

not sure now if i must see the show..or to run screaming!!
Hobotalk are playing the Garage on 22nd jan as part of the celtic connections festival
Indeed. So where did the Starsailor bit come from? Pulled straight out of my arse, as far as can tell. The Sundowns . . . never heard of them. Could be good, though.
nothing to do with your post
one for you:,,1689758,00.html goths in cambridge do god :-)
Re: nothing to do with your post
Yes. I know some of them, and I used to run the club they go to afterwards. Have you seen the video clip?
Re: nothing to do with your post
It was on the BBC site, but it's gone now. I have it here . . . I was going to edit it down, but I'm having problems with quality. I may stick the whole thing up somewhere. Watch this space. or, alternatively, don't - it's not all that impressive.
No idea what's odd (or not) about that graphic, but the following caught my attention:
To grasp how much data is in the Archive, if it were printed out as a single line of text, it would stretch around the world more than 250 times.

My immediate reaction on reading comparisons like that is: how big is it printed then?

My second reaction is: Times New Roman, 12pt
Re: sanger
It's cropped to look like the letters relate to the traces above them, but they don't.
Re: sanger
Ah, then in that case I suspect it comes from the flashing-lights-on-computer-console school of design - it looks like it's complex and scientific and high-tech, so it goes in...