A matter not quite of life and death.

It is now possible for you, my loyal comrades, to testify on a matter of intense current interest (although, to be fair, very little importance):

Am I, in fact, as all right-thinking people are aware, All Sweetness And Light™?

A boon companion who most strongly desires a positive and confirming result, and is not in any sense a faithless doubter, has arranged a test of the populace's view here, so please feel free to participate. I have complete confidence in you not to force me to mobilise my army of trusty sockpuppets in my defence.

Thank you.
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I would say that you are non-cloying sweetness and fairly bright light.

Ooo. Sockpuppet army. Did you sew all their eyes on yourself??
You're totally not all sweetness and light. If I had to give an example of somebody I knew who was not all sweetness and light, it would be you.

Don't get me wrong, you contain a proportion of sweetness and a degree of light, but according to the paperwork I have in front of me these amount to roughly 34% of your overall behavioural makeup. And no matter which way you look at that figure, it's not 'all'.
You're not getting a yes vote from me. I remember the comment about the spaghetti.
Please do not share his comment about the spaghetti... I have enough trouble with his comments about a wide range of other topics... :-)
> A boon companion who most strongly desires a positive and confirming result, and is not in any sense a faithless doubter

Err... isn't outright lying just a bit dodgy when you're trying to demonstrate your alleged sweetness...?
Well, obviously I'm sorry if I've misinterpreted your motives, but clearly I've taken the more charitable view of your intentions, as of course any decent friend would.
I'm sorry, you are indeed lovely but not sweetness and light. Which is a good thing.
My experience of humanity is that nobody can be all sweetness and light. So therefore, I'm afraid the answer would have to be no, by default, unless of course you're an alien, then I would have to review my policy. Nothing personal or anything!
My army of killer_pelicans would love to join the sockpuppets. They just like a good fight.

I know you're not All Sweetness And Light™ (I remember the goose thing) but you are a lovely, decent guy. Even in the dream I had, where both you and Mark were aliens, you were a lovely guy.
OK, I voted.
You can guess which way, right? I remember some comments from back in the mists of University (or at least one of its union buildings, or people's flats...), is all.