Could it be so?

al_iguana points out on some horrible goth community that, at any places on the web including here is the apparent news that Danielle "Danielle" Dax is playing in Paris come May. There's nothing on her website . . and I mean that. There's nothing on her website. But have any of you heard anything?

When I was on Potterrow committee we always used to ask for her in Freshers' Week, every year, and every year the FW director would go away, inquire about her fee, and send us back a note saying "nice try". [NB: This story may have been slightly exaggerated, but not by me]
Re: Oo!
Indeed. If true, at least.

I didn't even see her on the decorating programs.
I'd probably even break my long stint of not going abroad to go see Danielle Dax.

Quite interesting that Karl Blake is on the same bill too... Makes you wonder...
And the shock-headed peters (who I've not seen, or heard anything of, but I'm interested).

If there's going to be an expedition, count me in.