I hate it that I got what I wanted.

I've spent today listening at quite unnecessary length to the new Clearlake album, which is rather lovely. Very highly recommended. I saw them with Wendi in Peterborough about three or four years ago . . . which was, I think, just after their last album came out. I'm not quite sure I'm happy about waiting quite this long, but clearly they haven't entirely wasted the time.

I don't know what it is about this song, but it makes me want to take up drumming. Don't worry, though - it's unlikely to happen.

In other news, as partial reward for me missing the Crimea concert to go see my dad, they're touring again soon, and rereleasing Lottery Winners On Acid on Monday too. I'm not sure I like this version as much, but it's still good and there's now a whole album of stuff to buy too. Clearlake, on the other hand, aren't publicising any gigs except for one in Brighton. Ah well. They were very good when I did see them. A couple of days later I noticed that there had been a Cambridge gig too, but it must have been very poorly publicised.

Obviously there's been stuff happening, including a rather good Hogmanay party at which many of my friends came round, were scintillating, and didn't break anything. It was so much fun, in fact, that one of them will have to volunteer first to stop me doing it again this year.

I am gainlessly unemployed again, and because of a cold keeping me awake all night I was late for an appointment. The DWP retaliated by losing my paperwork, so I have to fill all the forms out again. I think that so far they're winning. The expected avalanche of January biology posts hasn't materialised yet, so perhaps the record-shop job is still an option. I think I'd be really good at it. "Yes, madam, McLusky are very like Sugababes, but more tuneful and heartfelt. The trendy kids are all listening to them." And there's no way I'd take Suspect Device off before the first chorus just to shift some Beta Band, either. Also, I can actually pronounce "Beta" the way they do (although I'm not sure about the canonical pronunciation of "Autechre" yet).

I'm not a fan of Ariel Sharon, but I don't generally wish harm on people. Tony Banks genuinely surprised and saddened me. And then when I found out that the number one album this week is by The Strokes . . . well, where's my copy of "Blasphemous Rumours"?
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Clearlake are playing London according to Stargreen, not that that is all that helpful to you, but perhaps a fuller tour will follow.

CLEAR LAKE : Wednesday, 8 February 2006
The Barfly @ The Monarch, London