Come to wur pairty!

The Barclay brothers are selling The Scotsman. This is good, because they've let Andrew Neil turn it into a pile of shite.

Hoogs is liable, and Conrad Black is to stand trial. Hoogs wasn't even represented at his trial, and it can't have been through lack of cash.

And a US court has ruled against the teaching of "Intelligent Design" in school science classes.

And (the big news) Hogmanay bash, my place. I'm not sure exactly when it's starting, but I'm open to suggestions. If you're in the area and don't already know where I live, drop me a line.
In a brief interview last night, van H said the judge's ruling meant nothing because the case wasn't defended...
Would love to turn up for New Year but it's a bit of a long way to travel :)
I'll believe Conrad Black's standing trial when it actually happens. Then the victory dance will begin.

I will be even more satisfied if he goes to jail, but I doubt very much that will ever happen.
does this mean i can no longer blame The Barclay Brothers for the cabal which is using the media to tarnish the reputation of areas of edinburgh so much that whole swathes of land are released on the cheap after demolition for private property investment for favoured friends...?

o yes we voted no, didn't we

so..i may be able to stop reading the Herald now
I'm at another party in the WEst End but might drop by if you're walkable - mail me your address??? You've got my email methinks..