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Screaming Banshee Aircrew and The Way of All Flesh were both very good last night, and there were loads of good people to talk to. Top marks to Sharon for organising it. A shame there aren't to be any more, but that's how it is and it was a good way to bow out.

Devotees ofturkmenbashi will be delighted to hear of his new education and conservation venture - keeping penguins in a zoo in sweltering and largely-desert Turkmenistan to help save them from the ravages of global warming. Truly a hero of our times.

Also, life imitates Billy Bob Thornton film. And again. (That picture looks nothing like me, incidentally, and I've not been to Dorset for years)
Rampaging Santa's
Yeah the AKL Santas is just a group of lager louts really. It was on TV news and everything as it was obviously another quiet news days in NZ so something had to be blown out of proportion.

I'm sure we just used to call them Students in the old days.

But all dressed in Santa suits ($35 from the Warehouse) it can be terrifying for city shoppers who are only used to the clean and high standards of AKL.

As long as those captured by police are rounded up so that, we the public, or anyone interested, can return the pissing and bottle smashing opportunity in their sole direction. Then I think it would be worth the hassle. :)

[where's that 2 litre bottle of water...I'll need to drink...]