Adios, amoebas.

Well, that's that. Officially. Actually I'll be back at some point next week to have a chat with Nick and do anything left undone, assuming I can fit it in around the christmas shopping.

And once they realised I was off, they got me a Sleater-Kinney album - the way to a man's heart, after all, is under the ribcage and up through the diaphragm.
Grrr on the job front :( Hope you find something else soon. One of my now (thankfully) ex flatmates is mad about Sleater-Kinney. Was it them that played in Glasgow last month?
Thanks. Hopefully something'll turn up.

I think they played very recently, yes. I'm not mad about them, but they're quite fun in their way.

I think they went to see them in Glasgow, if I'm not mistaken, and slept in a bus shelter afterwards as they couldn't find anywhere to stay. Now that's dedication for you!
You're really off? To anywhere particular? It occurred to me as I left today (not going back in before january - away for a week to Madeira from Monday) that I could conceivably never go back as I have an interview elsewhere on the first day of term. Odd thought..
Some time in Singapore doesn't appeal? I love my stop-overs there. But would the conservatism get to me before the warm exotic-ness wore off I wonder.
My sister, recently returned, reckons that you'll run out of money before the fascism-lite rubs off the nifty-exoticness. Very very expensive, she reports.
yeah, but you get paid proper money in their new BioTech city. And there are lots of cheaper market areas. Travel is cheap on the MRT and you've only cooling costs rather than heating!
I spent six years in Cambridge, and didn't like it much. If something really good comes up out of town, I'll go there - but moving's a risk and other things being equal I'd rather stay somewhere I like. It's not like I have much chance of building a scintillating career at this stage. The default plan is to find something within easy commuting distance of the flat.

Having said that, my old friend Laurie is currently playing trumpet for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, so there would be worse places to end up.
You lasted about twice as long as I did in Cam. The summer weather is great; the long haired guys better looking (on the whole), but you can keep Mill Road. I hope I never have to walk along it again. The Cam version of Gorgy for me I guess. Some places are just depressing. There are better places to spend time.

I'd give a 6 month contract in Singapore a shot especially if they provide housing and all. i think it would take me about a year to get bored of the place. Oh the fresh food.... mmmmmmm

All the best on finding something. And have an awesome party :)
I didn't mind Mill Road so much. But then, it was the obvious way into town, so perhaps I didn't have much choice. And there was always the chance of bumping into some people I knew . . .

Thanks. I'll do my best, on both fronts.
Re: You have time off!
I have time . . . but I don't know how much . . and I have no money. But it's certainly an idea.