Greyfriars Bobby.

I'm puzzled by a report in The Scotsman that a new film version of this story - featuring the excellent Christopher Lee, although sadly not in the title role - is more true to life than the previous version, because they've consulted the historical records concerning events.

The impression I had was that there were no such records, because it was only ever a sentimental Victorian story about a loyal pet dog and (Hoots mon och aye) Bonnie Scotland. Some years back, I know that someone went through Greyfriars' records to see if anyone matching the usual names had been buried there around the right time - there hadn't, of course.

Oh, and on a more sensible note there's this nice piece on Maes Howe as well.
Re: greyfriars bobby
It sounds likely. The story circulated widely within a few years of the alleged events, I know that much.