Greyfriars Bobby.

I'm puzzled by a report in The Scotsman that a new film version of this story - featuring the excellent Christopher Lee, although sadly not in the title role - is more true to life than the previous version, because they've consulted the historical records concerning events.

The impression I had was that there were no such records, because it was only ever a sentimental Victorian story about a loyal pet dog and (Hoots mon och aye) Bonnie Scotland. Some years back, I know that someone went through Greyfriars' records to see if anyone matching the usual names had been buried there around the right time - there hadn't, of course.

Oh, and on a more sensible note there's this nice piece on Maes Howe as well.
I have been in the actual Ye Gifte Shoppe at Greyfriars (on account of having a small daughter who is crazy about dogs...) and I noticed that there were three pictures of "the real Bobby", which were not merely different dogs, but different breeds of dog...

... and yet people still believe it's real.

(Space Cadets believing in their anti-gravity machines shouldn't surprise anyone really... )