Thanks to inulro for passing on details of this fine review of a heavy rock concert. There's a lovely story (actually, possibly two lovely stories) concerning the past interactions between Mötlëy Crüët and the Misfits . . . another time, perhaps.

The Scotsman are reporting on plans to reinstate Portobello to its rightful state as a pier-positive town.

Yesterday as I was arriving at work a coach pulled up outside the Geological Survey building, and a piper started playing (no, not in the toilet). I think it was probably this bunch. That's a long way to come on a school trip. Edinburgh's always done well for geologists. We had Hutton as well, of course.

In further news, the Dell is now working again and they're very sorry for being so inflexible. As are Zeiss for . . . well, for whatever their part was in it taking so long. Still, it's Friday and I only have one more week here, so what do I care?

I went to a mental health tribunal today, which was quite interesting in a wheels-of-the-state-grinding-exceeding-small kind of way. Up here, if you're sectioned (only it's not called that any more) you now have the right to a hearing, with a nominated person (me, in this case, before you all get ideas) along as well to watch and keep an eye on things. It turned out to be a bit inconclusive, but it's probably better than everything getting carved out in smoke-filled rooms behind the scenes. I'm pretty sure two or three people there were friends of my dad's, but I didn't say anything about it at the time.
Mental Health review tribunals
My friend who used to be an NHS psychiatrist (but they broke her) now makes a nice living doing reports for mental health review tribunals. I'm sure the other psychiatrists love her when her opinion differs from theirs.

My understanding is that down here you're also allowed an appeal but am unsure whether a nominated person gets to come along.
I heard that story as Twisted Sister and the Misfits. *shrug*

That's really cool about Portobello!
I certainly hope it happens. It sounds like much fun.

I did some digging on the story. Misfits fan sites quote a box-set insert as quoting Rollins as saying that he was there, and that it was MC at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go.
That's a funny review. As an asside (and I posted this on that LJ), the reason Motley Crue take so many breaks during their gigs is that the Guitarist Mick Mars is virutaly paralysed with ankylosing spondylitis and can't stand up for more than 45 mins at a time. They are of coure cock rock through and through, but they aren't quite as wet as the reviewer thought.
I wasn't aware of that, and it's certainly an extremely good excuse. A bit dedicated of him to be turning up at all, really.