Dell. And, for contrast, superscience.

Today's news on the PC front is that Dell finally deigned, 72 hours after being told there was a problem, to listen to a description of it. And immediately said it was the power supply (apparently they can be sure because the front-panel LED is a constant amber). They're sending us a replacement, which will be here tomorrow. It'll work, too, because I've just put in a spare PSU that we have lying around to see whether they're right.

Why the hell couldn't they do this on Monday? We could have had the thing running again by the end of the day if they'd been willing to get on with the job, rather than lose a whole week's observation.

I was talking to a friend last night about his PhD project. Apparently there's a thing called Supergravity, and another called Superalgebra. I had no idea.
Anything involving supersymmetry tends to get the "super" prefix.
A superalgebra is just an algebra, but it describes a supersymmetry and hence becomes a superalgebra. Similarly, supergravity (usually abbreviated to SUGRA) is a supersymmetric model of gravity. See also superspace, sparticles, superpotential et alia.