A paper on the cutaneous rabbit experiment (among other things) and the many-drafts theory of mind. :

Apparently there's an auditory analogue of the cutaneous rabbit experiment, involving placement of sounds in the stereo field.

From this page, todays winner of the "most gratuitous sarcastic comment in an otherwise serious webpage" award :

Allspice takes its name from its aroma, which smells like a combination of spices, especially cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. In much of the world, allspice is called pimento because the Spanish mistook the fruit for black pepper, which the Spanish called pimienta. This is especially confusing since the Spanish had already called chillies pimientos. Lets also thank the Spanish for centuries of linguistic confusion created by naming all the natives they met ‘Indians’.
i was going to point out that link didn't go anywhere, but it appears you fixed it since then.

instead i'll ask you what on earth a cutaneous rabbit is - i'm having visions of nail beauty salons with unusual clientele (as in cuticles).
Re: error
It's an illusory feeling of having something running up your arm, created by the eponymous experiment. A slight extension creates an odd effect with certain implications for our ideas about consciousness,
Re: error
The interesting bit is how people can be made to make a conscious decision which they will afterwards claim was a mistake, based on a perception which they will almost immediately (and permanently) lose all awareness of having had.
Hooray for Daniel Dannett and, indeed, the cutaneous rabbit experiment, both of which rock mightily. There's a visual analoge in "Gray Walter's Carousel" experiment which is also on that page (3.3).

Your "this page" link is broken unfortunately.
Isn't most of that essay covered in "Consciousness Explained"?

I'd be interested to know how accurately people can determine the order of stimuli where one is on the shoulder and one is on the foot. To do so, the brain would have to correct for the differing latency in the delivery of the stimuli. I would also very much like to know if anyone's done the obvious followup to Grey Walter's Carousel referred to in the article.
A fair amount of it is, yes, but I don't even have a copy of that to lend people at the moment - Simon's got mine, I think.
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