Sat 3rd december

teviot park room

9pm - 3am : £2 entry (yes, £2)
non-students welcome

but please bring photo-id - the bouncers could do with a laugh
music : usual nonsense : alternative - punk - industrial - goth - whatever
more info here
recent(ish) playlists can be found here and here
i know it's the middle of exam season for some of you students, but what better way to free yourself of tension that bouncing round like a nucking futter to 'wheres me jumper' ? :)
oh - and it's my birthday, so if you have any spare cake...

I'd just like to clarify that it's Seth whose birthday it is on Saturday, not mine. See some of you there, hopefully?
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It's not that long till your birthday too though, so people should still bring you cake!
I'm definitely coming, and trying to bully/ bribe people (with homemade steak and ale pie!) into coming along to!
I'd come if I were younger and cooler...

Hear a song on the radio once,
stole a bar, stole a drink
I used the last straw for my ink
Sometimes I feel, I forget to think...
And I think its cool

I might be there if Mark is going. I'm not sure what's happening. Oh wait, I think I have an Octopush tournament during the day. I'll have to check if I've promised floor space to any players. If not I might be there.
Work may want me in. I've already primed myself to say "Bollocks". This has been in the diary for quite a while.
I now have the urge to make cake, but I don't really know the gent in question. Would he object to a Random Visitation with cake?