Not snowing any more

Incidentally, I had the dubious pleasure earlier this week of catching the beginning of the video for Do You Really Want To Hurt Me. Now, I'm sure that my opinion of Boy George is well-known to most of you (that he's nowhere near as talented or significant as he thinks he is) but even I was amazed to see the black-and-white minstrels in the opening shots. Even in 1982 that was known to be A Bit Off.

In other news - particularly for the more Hibernian amongst you - there's this (oh dear) and this (any opinions? I so far have one here). The more gothically inclined (particularly those heading into old crumbliedon like myself) might appreciate this Xmal-related item from Mr Mercer, particularly if you're going to be in or near Leeds soon.

I had an odd conversation last night at the gig with Nicky and AJ about those electroluminescent shirts, and having one which could randomly light up any of several DJ-appropriate messages - "How much is it worth not to tell people you asked for that?", "That's what's playing at the moment", "Do I look like a jukebox?", and the like.
i know people who would pay good money for a t-shirt like that... A complementary one for club techs would be good too, with messages such as "I'm not the dj", "this is a lighting desk", "if i'm the dj, what do you think that bloke on stage with the headphones and record decks is up to?" and "even if i was the dj i wouldn't play that".
Pagan Thanksgiving
I enjoyed this. Food for thought indeed. Maybe that's why I've been pigging out. hmm...
Re: Pagan Thanksgiving
I'm not entirely convinced, myself. It seems a bit pat.
Re: Pagan Thanksgiving
Yes, but as he's got it locked so nearly everyone can't see it, I feel free to regard it as worthless.
Re: Pagan Thanksgiving
woe! serious reading material. I'm too tired for that just now. I'll face it tomorrow. :) night...morning...
The second sounds like bollocks to me. In fact it sounds so like bollocks I can't actually tell if the person suggesting it is serious or not.
Cheers. It sounded like the sort of thing that would be remembered (maybe) in Scotland or (more likely) in Ireland if he was on the right track, and I've certainly never come across anything like what he says.
There seems to be some stuff in rural Somerset around this time, though mostly connected to St Clement & St Catherine (patron saints of smiths and lacemakers respectively) rather than particularly to thanks-giving.
There's Martinmass as well, but it doesn't AFAICT fit terribly well either.

I was also reading an article earlier claiming that Thanksgiving didn't really catch on in the States until the mid-nineteenth century. It was a newspaper column, though.
I dare you to say that in front of my American flatmates! They were very serious about the whole being "thankful" thing yesterday!
As I said above, that's a locked post. I've been pointed there three or four times on different journals and there's nothing there for me to see.
It's not locked - you've commented on it! Cavalorn's link within is locked, but from the context I've linked to it's not hard to work out what it says.
Cavalorn's link is locked, and I'm not bothered enough about what it says to try to second-guess him.