Well, they didn't have any oven-gloves on the stall. Looks like we'll have to make our own.

HMHB gigs don't have many surprises for me these days, but it was a good laugh. It was nice hearing the current version of 24 Hour Garage People (and hearing the surprised laughter from the people who apparently didn't know it). I was pleased at AJ saying later that he'd been thinking about my own 24-hour garage experience.

I don't seem to have written that one up here. I thought I had, but I can't find it. Later.

I am now Bad-Santa-enabled.It looks like being a good Christmas this year.
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Any chance of you making it down this end of the country around Christmas/NY? Feels like I've not seen you in yonks!

Being Bad(der) Santa enabled sounds like an excellent position to be in. I must follow your lead.