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Help me Mrs Medlitcott, I don't know what to do
I've only got three bullets, and there's four of Mötley Crüe

Incidentally, if you go here and click on the album titles, it'll tell you what all the references are to. This is very handy if you aren't Scouse and don't like football.

Talking of Scousers, I was meaning to point out to eviltwinemma that there's a Teen Anthems compilation out. It's quite odd.

I picked up the new Rammstein album. Nobody told me Sharleen Spiteri sang on it. Most odd. And the intro of Feuer Und Wasser is exactly that of Stella Maris.

Apparently Green on Red and the Violent Femmes are (separately) playing London soon.

That Welsh rape trial was odd. What we possibly need is the application of the doctrine of informed consent to such cases.

From rdi, this request from Greenpeace (it can be seen also here, dated 5 days ago):

The law of 6 degrees of separation means that you, Ocean Defender, know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows precisely where the whaling fleet will be in the next few months. We have our own methods of locating them, but this is always a very difficult task.

If you know someone who works in maritime tracking, satellite imagery, the Japanese fishing industry, cetacean research, who's doing an ocean crossing in the Pacific or working in some other field that might have first hand knowledge of where the fleet will be, pass this message along.

The ship we are seeking is named the Nisshin Maru, gross tonnage 8,030, length 130 metres, radio call sign JJCJ. She is the factory ship and will be accompanied by three catchers, Kyo Maru No. 1 with radio call sign JKNG, the Yushin Maru call sign JLZS and Yushin Maru No. 2, call sign JPPV.

You can send information to All information in strictest confidence.

I did some actual microscopy today.

Note To Self - get enough cash to actually buy some Joy Division Oven Gloves in the unlikely event that they have them on the stall.

Gouranga, Gouranga, yes I'll be happy
when you've been arrested for defacing the bridge.
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Joy Division Oven Gloves? What are you on about?

Motley Crue - shoot one of the others through Vince's head. He's only got half a brain so the bullet should still have plenty of velocity afterwards.
Track seven on the new Half Man Half Biscuit album. Examples of the gloves themselves can be seen here if you click on two of the four pictures at the top of the page.
I thought the welsh case fairly reasonable actualy (once you strip out all the 'binge drinkers can't claim rape' hysterics from the media).

Under cross examination she couldn't remember if she gave consent or not. As he claims she did and she is trying to claim she didn't, her word is the only actual evidence so if she admits she can't remember what else can the court do?
As the law used to stand it's straightforward. The 2003 act was supposed to stop people shagging unconscious drunks and claiming lack of objection. Clearly it's not possible to distinguish (legally) between that and someone just claiming that the partner/victim was conscious enough to say yes and just doesn't remember.

Informed Consent is a concept from medical ethics (and very possibly elsewhere) - consent demands not just agreement, but an understanding of what you're getting into, and the real and practical ability to refuse. Under that analysis, the consent of someone too drunk to stand or remember can't be taken as proper consent.
Shagging someone who is unconscious is fair enough, but the issue was whether she was unconscious or just so pissed she can't remember saying yes. It's entirely possible she was conscious but can't remember it. If her own testimony is in doubt, anything else is just speculation.

It's all very well talking about informed consent, but how is someone supposed to know when the other person is too pissed, breathalyse them?. Bearing in mind that he was probably half cut as well, does his legally liabililty for his actions go down when he's pissed too? What if he was too drunk to realise how drunk she was? How about if he was too drunk to understand what he was doing, is he then exonerated from the rape? That's the old 'hes a nice guy until he has a drink' argument, which is bollocks. If you do bad things when you get drunk, dont get drunk.

Furthermore, how can you determine in court months later, that at the time she really was too drunk to understand what was going on. Surely it would be indistinguishable from someone who feels bad about a drunken shag and is just claiming to have no memory? Ultimately this boils down to the same her word against his argument that makes many of these kinds of rape cases extremely difficult to prosecute. I don't think you can equate medical professionals dealing with a patient with two drunks on a night out.

We don't know what happened in this case, and that's the point. Under the principle of innocent until proven guilty and with no other evidence, you can't convict him because she now says she doesn't remember what happened.
How on earth is a person who is subsequently unable to recall their words or actions able to give consent anyway?

A three year old might give consent, a Rohypnolled sleep-talker might give consent, but neither are grounds to go ahead and screw them. You can't consent to something of which you are not properly aware.
How do you know she really can't remember? Bearing in mind we're in court months later, what empiric test can you apply to see if she's telling the truth or not?

You can't which means it boils down to her word against his again. Note, I'm not casting any aspertions on this particular girl, or any other for that matter. But her word against his leaves a big gap for 'reasonable doubt'.
One day whilst bored I ended up on some US site over their it is automatically considered rape if the woman complains no matter how blind drunk either party is. This certaimly has alot of gray area which it would be very complicated to draw lines in.

On Motley Crue surely you could use the gun to batter the last one to death.
One day whilst bored I ended up on some US site over their it is automatically considered rape if the woman complains no matter how blind drunk either party is. This certaimly has alot of gray area which it would be very complicated to draw lines in.

Hmm, are you sure they wern't talking about how thepolice treat it, as opposed to how it is determined in court? If the woman is automaticaly beleived, then as soon as an accusation is made the man is guilty until he can prove himself innocent. That is an anthema to most decent legal systems, especialy a constitutionaly driven one like the US.
I think it is just how the police treat it, but then again who wants to be investigated especially for rape.
I think the Femmes are doing more than London, but I'm not sure where else. Tis close to my Birthday so may have to treat myself.

The Green On Red show is annoying as it is a Tuesday and in what is likely to be my second week in a new job. I cant take two days off that soon to see a band can I? Even though I've seen Chuck Prophet a dozen times, been on the guest list a few times... been namechecked from the stage at least 3 shows... DAMN!