Corrupt old bastard to face charges shock!

No, not Irving again - this time it's the General again. So can he keep wriggling out of accoutability until his brain finishes dissolving to mush? Prace bets now!

Half Man Half Biscuit tomorrow. Finally remembered to get a Bauhaus ticket too.
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It's wednesday; Didn't you want me to come home one day?
The Dirty Stopout.
Well, if it was tomorrow then you wouldn't have to speak to me. Because I won't be here.
I have reliable witnesses who can clearly testify to my not deliberately avoiding you, as discussed at that sober afffair otherwise known as Chthulhu!
They may never convict the bugger, but they can at least hound hmi to his grave... 8-) </vindictive
You know, that's just so inconsiderate. The last 'major' goth band I haven't managed to see, and they decide to play London the week I'm in Australia. Pure bad manners, I say. In fact, on closer inspection, all the European dates clash with my Antipodean engagement, so Ill have to fly to the US of A for a day if I want to see them. Grrr. Either that, or wait another five years for the next comeback. Double grrr.