The Today program this morning was enlivened by Andy Kershaw's incredulous "NO?!" on hearing that Bob Dylan's set in London on Monday included a version of London Calling.

I spent too long today looking for a drive-bay USB hub that takes power from the PC's supply and attaches to a motherboard header rather than the back panel. I think I may be asking for a bit too much. It looks like a different lead should be possible, though.

A bit of a shock about Tal. I only met him a few times, but he seemed like a really nice bloke.
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a USB hub that attaches to the motherboard doesn't attach to the PSU, the +5v comes from the motherboard.

Maplin were selling them.

Ideal Computing's website did have the option cards for a few motherboards for sale, but not available in their shop.
You get bus-powered ones, yes, but you also get ones which have a separate supply.

The difference is that the former can only supply as much power to all four devices together as it can get off one USB line, where as the latter can presumably supply that much to each of the four. As my users already complain about the (external) hubs not being able to power things, I'd rather go for something with a bit of welly to it. The Trust one definitely takes a PSU supply, but not many places in Britain seem to stock it.
Externally powered hubs can provide up to 500Ma per device. I've got a couple of Griffin hubs as part of my recording setup.
Did Andy Kershaw expand on that 'No!?' was he impressed or dismayed? I'm impressed, but His Bobness has always been way cooler than anyone ever realised. He makes the NME Cool List at number 7 just behind Pete Doherty by the way. Its a stooopid list of course, but still good to see Bob getting his dues.
He seemed completely astonished. He wasn't being very complimentary about Bob's recent performances, though, and still said he wouldn't be likely to go and see him again.
Shocked to hear about Tal too. He seemed like a great bloke the couple of times I met him.

Sorry - it seemed to have been all over by the time I posted. I had no idea about his brother, so that was a bit surprising too.

Very sad.