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Thanks to technotom for pointing out that this man could perhaps be the brother of yesterday's sleepwalking airline smoker.

And, passed on from a different source (kixie - thanks), a little article about, including a short chat with, Bill Drummond. Aren't we good to you?

Clive Stafford Smith's a top bloke. Michael Winner's an arse. See their contrasting views on the death penalty here. I mean, having directed Death Wish does actually make you an expert on criminology . . . doesn't it?

The Beeb reckons we'll have heavy snow showers on Friday. The sleet forecast for Saturday will probably get rid of it all, though.

I've spent most of this morning staring at Epson's screen colour-matching software. Now, I'm told that there are fairly severe limits on how much you can do with LCD panels . . . still, nobody can blame me for the purchasing policy, as I wasn't here at the time.

The BBC reports that there's a rumour Bowie's being considered for a part (Nikolai Tesla) in the film version of Chris Priest's "The Prestige".

Finally, I must share with you - well, those of you I haven't already droned on about this to - the Sleeve Pic I Must Have. I saw this in the window of a secondhand shop one evening lots of years ago and thought "I need that on my wall." I've not seen it since at a reasonable price (ie, fuck-all - it's a pitiable record, I'm sure). I speak, of course, of no other album than everyone's least favourite God-bothering poodlerockers STRYPER's album To hell with the devil.

The original, withdrawn sleeve (for being controversial, apparently - I can only imagine that people couldn't decide on a word emphatic enough to describe its breathtaking awfulness) shows the members of the band, depicted as implausibly-muscled angels with eighties-metal big hair, their modesty "tastefully" preserved by wisps of cloud, casting the chained devil into hell. And if you look closely . . . you can see . . . as he falls . . . they have broken his guitar!

Priceless. And yet, simultaneously, worthless.

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A few nights ago I was watching one of the higher numbered channels (4 or 5 are the highest I get) and there was a half hour documentary in which Michael Winner and Piers Morgan lambasted the fact that people with no talent became celebrities. They didn't seem to realise at any point.

At first I was enraged by the sheer wrongness and wanted to tear holes in the fabric of the universe and escape to somewhere which made more sense. Then I fell asleep.

A friend of mine had a number of Stryper and Petra albums. His dad was a minister and paid for him to buy anything from the authorised christian music mail order catalogue. We both got into this guy Steve Taylor who sang really odd songs like "I blew up the clinic real good" (about an ice-cream salesman who blew up an abortion clinic) and "This disco (used to be a cute cathedral)" which seemed to be about overly trendy churches.
Oh, and from what I can remember of Stryper, those drawings of them are somewhat idealised -- particularly in the muscle tone area.
Why is the devil wearing jeans while the poodlerockers are in loincloths and appear to be oiled up like the Chippendales? Has anyone seen their antics in the green room?
A very good question . . . that may well be answered in Glasgow on Thursday. Excellent. Thanks for reminding me.
Gah! This has been my brother-in-law the Deserter's favorite album for nearly 20 years. It's abysmally bad, exactly what you'd expect (Twisted Sister with Pat Robertson writing the lyrics). He loves it. He has it on CD for the car. My nieces, God help them all, know some of the lyrics. They compare decent bands to Stryper because they assume that's a valid benchmark (except they think the Clash have nothing on the Jesus wankers).
Steal his copy and send it to me. I can sincerely promise never to listen to it.
Gah! The last time I heard Winner on the radio he sounded quite rational. But that PoS makes me want to barf. Which is much more the correct reaction to him, of course, so thanks for setting me back on the correct path.

As you rightly say, though, Clive Stafford Smith does some most excellent.
I have to confess to a perverse desire to hear it. Probably only once though.

I still wish I'd bought that "Tribute to James Last" LP I saw.
The world (or at least the bit near me) is safer for you missing that opportunity.
i read somewhere that up until recently, if you wanted a flat panel it was apple or nothing, but that some of the other high end manufacturers are now catching up. i'm planning to get myself a spyder at some point next year, but first to get the mac and the software that i need! once i've learnt how to use it, colour may be more important! :)
We have Samsungs. They're not bad - they're fine for general use, I have no complaints on that score - but a couple of times we've been prepping an image for publication and it's been really difficult to get a printout with the right colour balance. And for some reason the journals all want paper prints as well as a file. A CMYK file as well - they won't do that conversion themselves. Perhaps they want to be sure that we supply them with something to check the balance against.
That is an awesome picture although it looks like the devil can't afford a proper Flying V; his is asymmetric. Either that or Gibson would sue the f*ck outta Stryper so they couldn't depict a real one.
Real Gibsons don't have silly enough headstocks. It's probablly some kind of Ibanez.
This album art reminded me a lot of that of Manowar (I pity you if you have heard of them!). This band appears to be much the same as Stryper in that, the art is interesting but the music is shite. These people believe that they are Viking warriors ffs!

Unfortunately I am not clever enough to paste in a picture *hangs head in shame* but I'm going to try for a hyperlink (with the emphasis on "try") to their "chronicles" (discography) page..

Judging by the photos, found in the "Biography" section, the amount of muscle on the album covers is more idealised... I particularly like the "Hell on Stage" one
Way back in 1984 I saw Manowar twice! First supporting Saxon, later headlining.

Yes kids, I wasn't always this cool.
Thanks to technotom for pointing out that this man could perhaps be the brother of yesterday's sleepwalking airline smoker.

Ok all together now....

A handbag?
That is such a beautiful piece of art. Utterly absurd. Sheer genius. Always really loved it.

Stryper's music, sadly, was just bad AOR. I remember their single "Always There For You" (naturally, about Jesus) as being irritatingly catchy but everything else I think I blocked out.
Wow, that album cover is... _special_, isn't it?

And David Bowie as Nikola Tesla? Wow. I have to see that!