Like phosphorescence in the bay

Link Wray is dead, alas. (He invented the power chord and was probably the first person to have a single banned from the radio simply for being an atonal guitar thrash. This was in 1958.)

David Bailey:

Jane keeps apologising for her ancient cameras - one of them is 40 years old, exactly half her age - but 67-year-old Bailey tells her firmly that 'oldies are goodies' and anyway: 'It's not the camera that takes the picture.' He says he's got about 10 OM1s at home; he's even got a gold one because Olympus gave it in exchange for one of his (this was presumably when he was doing ads for Olympus). But, he adds, there is something wrong with Jane's OM1: 'The lens is opening up too slowly The spring's jamming slightly. I can hear it. You take it to Olympus and they'll be happy to do it for you. Get it cleaned at the same time.'

The Kodo drummers will be in Edinburgh in February. Who's coming along?

HMHB Thursday. The Dickies Friday. Durutti Column Saturday, but I won't be able to make that one (arse!).

Friday was the Hoose. Saturday was the Saunderses' cocktail party. It was good, but then I went down to the east end to catch up with James' birthday drink. I ran across the meadows and caught a taxi on South Nicholson Street, but they were still all gone by the time I arrived. Ho hum.

Neon was fun. Ed dropped round beforehand, having walked out of hospital. He was in a hell of a state, but he calmed down a bit when he was inside and had been fed (although he hardly touched it . . . I'd been looking forward to finishing it myself. Oh well). I sent him off home to see if he'd locked himself out or not, and told him to come to Neon if he had, so he could come back and crash on the couch. He didn't show, so I assume he got into his own place. I hope so, anyway. Last night wasn't as cold as the couple before, but I don't like to think of him out in it.

Picked up The Organ's album, essentially on darkstones' recommendation. Good stuff. More songs should use the word phosphorescence. It's been criminally underexploited so far.
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Sad about Linc Wray. I saw him once in the 1980s with Robert Gordon.
Saw him at The Horseshoe (sans Robert Gordon) about 4 years ago. Got back the hearing my left ear about 2 days later :-)
I'm up for Kodo.

Nearly went to the Kodo Apprentice Center on Sado Island a decade or so ago.
There's only one performance.

..and it's the same bleedin' night as bleedin' goldfrapp, which we just bought bleedin' tickets for.

i may bleedin' swap :)

Indeed so. Sadly, I don't have any with me. But there's always this evening.