I was looking at the front page of the Sun in the newsagent. The top half of the page is devoted to the crucially important hard-news item that someone from Friends has had at least one midly-titillating (but still font-page-safe) photo taken. I am, of course, overwhelmed by this vital news. The bottom half has an article claiming that a woman with MS has walked again after a stem-cell treatment. Dramatic enough, and terrific news if true. HOwever, it claims that she walked for the first time in years within minutes of an injection. Well, if so, then it wasn't the stem cells that were responsible. The article also complains that the treatment is banned in Britain (I didn't see why), so as far as I can tell the whole thing is just an attempt to a) lie to people on general principles and b) complain about the evil government and what it's doing to our health services.

The Sun. Registered with the Post Office as "a piece of shit."

That's right, the mascara snake

I don't want to give you all the impression that I am, at the moment, a walking pot of bile and acid. Indeed, I made it all the way through yesterday's post without even once using the words "plough their fields with salt", which I think shows that my equanimity is perfectly intact.

There's an interesting article linked from \. that includes this snippet:

Take ICANN, for instance, where a new .com Registry Agreement allows Verisign to raise the rates for .com names by 7% annually, and to operate .com in perpetuity, and to "mak[e] commercial use of, or collect, traffic data regarding domain names or non-existent domain names", and to reap other rewards for what few other than Verisign would agree is a good job. Bret Faucett summarizes the darkest shadow across the noir scenario we've already described:

The theme running through all of these is that ICANN and Verisign are treating the .COM registry as a private resource. It's not. The root servers and TLD servers are public resources. We should treat them like that.

It goes on to talk about various things that make me want to read up on the Enclosures Acts to see if the parallel's a good one.

In other news, I've been having some quiet nights in and playing Freeciv. And watching one of Neubauten's old broadcasts, which was exactly like watching anyone else's band practice, really. Interesting, though.

A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag would be fast and bulbous - got me?
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It's The Sun! What else do you expect?! "We can't think up an intelligent argument, and even if we could we couldn't spell it properly anyway "(has anyone else noticed the high rate of spelling/grammar mistakes in The Sun?)", therefore the only thing left for us to do is
a) Make things up (hence the stem-cell thing)
b) Just have a go at the government (well come on, everyone else does it)
c) Report inane sh!t about celebrities that takes no intelligence to do"

Also, even though I don't particularly like The Sun, the Post Office can't call anything else "sh!t". I should know, I work for them.....
Fast and bulbous like a tin teardrop.

Perhaps the stem cell injection cured her by acupuncture.
I was just wondering whether this "backslashdot" of which you speak, exists. It seems it might in the future: the .org domain is currently parked; the .net exists but has nothing there. The .com and don't exist and I lost interest after that.

But what would it be like? I can only imagine a pro-Microsoft bear pit, where anonymous cowards argue over which is the best Windows version, and take every possible opportunity to diss Linux.

It would probably run on Apache on FreeBSD, of course.
Hmmm. A good point.

Perhaps you should present this to MS as a prime astroturfing opportunity?