I rule. Apparently.

My boss, Nick, has the same sound card I do, an M-Audio. He's been having problems getting it to work, so some time ago - a year, maybe - he asked if I could have a look at it. Of course, I said I 'd be happy to (and I was even telling the truth when I said it). He's not happy about leaving it with me because he does a lot of work from home, so the plan has been for him to bring it in and me find time to fix it during the day. This has only just happened. It was finally here today. Now, I know that he got this card in particular for his daughter to record and play stuff. She's a jazz singer. I think she may now be off at some college or Uni in Paris, though, so it's probably outlived that purpose without making it into use.

I didn't have the right lead or the login password, so I mailed him about the latter and went for a walk to buy the former.

So when I got back he was out of his meeting and had logged in. I connected it all up and sat down, at which point he walked in and asked how I was and how I was getting on. We chatted a bit, and then he left the room. I looked at the control panel, saw an M-Audio control program, pressed a click-box on the routing tab and opened the door to let the B-52s out (Private Idaho, of course).

Total work time - about five minutes. He seemed very impressed. I'd thought he'd said that the systems bods had had a quick look, but I don't see that they'd have missed something so obvious. Still, at least he'll remember me as having been useful for something.
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Hmmm . . .

Well, he was impressed, which is what I'm pleased about.
Do you have a handy list of nifty photos that you carry around?

(And if so can I have a copy of it?)
I can have a go. As I said, I have a couple of spares, although they're a bit basic.
I am getting a complete new computer next week I think but it may be fun to throw the keyboard through the window when it won't co-operate...