Art, innit?

Her Noise sounds quite interesting. The last bit, mainly.
I think I'll give it a miss. I've already had my could be awesome/could be complete art-wank gamble this year (lost: Perfect Partner/won: Jarboe[1]).

It's an interesting point about avant-garde and one I was thinking about the other day. Are Neubauten still avant-garde? I'm not sure.

[1] There are rumours of another tour next year, but this one will be acoustic. (Did you see my or Rattler's reviews of her gig last Monday?)
There's no use asking me about avant-garde. They aren't standing still, which is nice (although I didn't listen to Anarchitektur enough to go for the rest of the Musterhaus material).

I saw the reviews, yes. Sounded fantastic.
No, I haven't bothered with Musterhaus either. I may regret that one day, but I'm having enough trouble keeping up with the new music I've already got.
Mmm. It's just occurred to me that I need to have a look at some of their webcasts. It might actually just be easier to capture them all as a batch and leaf through them later.
i was wondering if kaffe matthews was in there..and there she is with her "sonic bed"
Re: Hello
Dearie me. They'll let anyone in these days.

I remember when it was all fields around here, you know.

Nurse? More valium, please.
Re: Hello
Well it was you Leila who corrupted me into creating an account anyway...So if you're taking the whole "young and impressionable" line.....
Re: Hello
Well, they let me in, which is as much proof of "they'll let anyone" as I need.
Re: Hello
But you actually appear to post interesting things. I have already started a trend of saying mostly unintelligable rubbish.....
Re: Hello
"Appear to", maybe. It's all deceptive. Apart from the bits I blatantly steal.
Re: Hello
Blatantly stealing is a well recognised and respected way of doing things. How the hell has music kept on going for so long otherwise? (Listening to Stan Getz at the moment so this is not a very intelligent observation and does not do him much justice!)
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Hey! You said "I need to get one of those" when I asked if I could check my lj! You corrupted yourself!

(I'm innocent. Honest)
Re: Hello
Yes but if you had never bothered to check your LJ, I would never have been reminded and sucked in....

You are the evil one after all