Do unto others as you would be done to by them.
Unfortunately it's never the Home Secretary who gets locked up incommunicado for a fortnight, is it?
Well, these days one merely resigns and pockets the payoff (GBP18000 for Blunkett, TWICE) If one is found in flagrante delicto with the more attractive men under one's command or another similarly compromising position instead of being murdered. If one takes a glance at the Wikipedia entry for Roehm, it leads to the altogether unnerving idea of The Law Regarding Measures of State Self-Defense. I bet that's giving the neocon Americans ideas, though they can already get their poodlePresident to issue pardons for evildoers who get caught.
Yeah, I was shouting at the telly this morning as the BBC were interviewing the poor British citizens. The guy was talking about how horrible it was to spend 2 weeks with no idea what you were being charged with.

Of course, he appeared to be white. And nowadays terrorist suspects in the UK aren't meant to be white.
Ah, but they were being heald incommunicado, without charge, by foreigners, you see? Can't have that, now can we? unless the foreigners are American, of course - that's peachy
And we get this:
Mr Blair has described a "worrying gap" between some MPs and public opinion.

He accused some MPs of being out of touch with the public and of failing to face the terror threat.

Isn't that the party line of some of the most Tory tabloids? Is that who he leaks his best spin to nowadays?
Yeeeessssss . . . .

They're treacherous allies at the best of times, because they'd still rather be dealing with a Tory. This is an opinion they're entitled to, but it does mean he's climbing into bed with people he can't depend on.

Anyway, he's only saying this because the MPs have just told him he's out of touch. I know who I agree with.
It's like I've been saying: he ought to just cross the aisle to the Tories, where he'd be more at home. They're so desperate for leadership they would probably make him their new Dear Leader.