It has occurred to me that the registration number on Austin Powers' dad Nigel's car (GR8 5HAG) is actually a valid UK registration number, although unfortunately it won't be issued until early 2036.

There's a very good article of the day on the Uncyclopedia today.

They also point out that it's international "dress like an idiot" day.
I thought it was "dress like someone else so the spirits won't recognise you" day. Or possibly "dress scary so the spirits won't come and take you" day.
Ah! So that's why I was dressed like a fat muslim hippie today! And I thought it was the affects of unaccustomed sunshine :)

It would seem that his reg plate is not acceptable in NZ. hahaha well, maybe not 'til 2036.

I've just seen an Egyptologist on the TV who looks just like Terry Pratchett!