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Head and Shoulders shampoo now contains a splash of sea minerals, according to the advert. Or is it only me who finds that amusing? Say it several times and see what you think.


I do wonder whether it was a special version of the ad to screen during the Austin Powers film. It seemed a little too appropriate. I had been going to do something productive this evening, but Goldmember mugged me. I hadn't seen it before, and it was good. Weakening a bit from the previous one, but it looks like they meant it to be the last one, and it still had some great moments - the sillhouettes behind the medical screen had me in stitches.

I am, as you already know, very easily amused. And anyway, Dr Evil's submarine is fantastic. I want one just like it.

The Writers' Bloc reading went well, and I think I got it all on tape usably. I liked the stories a lot, including two by Mo. I've not really come across her fiction before, so it was a nice surprise to find that it's definitely up to scratch. Steve Mowbray was out, so I caught up with him for a little in the pub afterwards. He seemed fairly cheery.

I spent Friday evening in the Filmhouse bar with Lara, Seth, Sandy and Martin. Much fun. Various bad ideas were discussed. You'll find out if they happen. Because if they happen, we won't shut up about it.

On the way back I had an odd conversation with a pair of Poles on the Meadows. It was perilously close to going up to someone and asking "Excuse me sir, are you beating your wife?" Not that there was any beating, but it looked vaguely like a man was frogmarching a very drunk woman along Melville Drive. It turned out when I did catch up and ask that they were Polish and didn't mind at all being asked about what was going on, which was a great relief. I was pretty sure there was going to be Offence and some sort of Scene.

On Saturday I went shopping for strides (God bless Leith Army Stores) and narrowly avoided buying new hardbacks by Karen Armstrong and George R R Martin before going to the health and safety briefing, then to the Monkey to see mxhaunted. He was a touch late, so I ended up having a chat with a barmaid, which I never do. Maybe I'm getting sociable in my old age. I swear the bar staff gets younger every year, though. After a while there - including Dave Renton turning up, totally out of the blue - it was on to the Hoose. nearly_everyone was there, and we all drank too much and chatted to each other. Much fun.

One thing I just remembered was that Rich was at the H&S. Apparently he's spent the last three years bumming around Peru. He could name offhand the month we last met in - January 1997 - which was a bit unsettling (I know why I remember that month so well, but why does he?), but it was good to see him.

Today I did some slight tidying up, read some stuff and watched a film. The car's done, after three or four months of procrastination and three or four weeks sitting around in Ayrshire, so those of you nearby who need lifts or stuff shifted will soon be able to increment your range of options.
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