Last few days

On Tuesday I went out for akicif's birthday drink, which started on Shandwick Place and meandered all the way to Morrison Street (for those of you who don't know Edinburgh very well, that's got to be all of a few hundred yards away). Many people were there, some of whom I still need to mail about things that we were talking about.

Wednesday was some stewardy training - silly games in the old Bongo. Afterwards, the pub. AJ and Andrew Woddie were there fresh from the Saxon concert - I hadn't seen that Andrew in over a year, so it was good to see that he's looking well.

Yesterday I left work a touch early to get to the Saunderses' place in time to get off to Glasgow in time for NMA (with, obviously, two Saunderses as well as Mark and Lauren). We got to Glasgow without event and got parked up straightforwardly. I oh-so-cleverly decided to leave my jacket in the van, so inevitably while we has stepped into a chip shop it started pissing it down. It had lightened a lot within a few minutes, though, so I didn't get too soaking on the rest of the short walk to the Garage.

In spite of me turning up in trousers and a T-shirt, I got the full rubdown search. I do actually avoid venues because of this sort of thing - I haven't been to that new Corn Exchange place out past Gorgie again because the security was too overbearing - but at least I didn't have to queue in the rain for the privilege. It was overzealous verging on offensive last night, though.

The merch stall made it obvious that they're moving with the times and growing with their audience - they have NMA fleeces and babywear. And socks, which I was briefly tempted by. But only briefly. buca, darkstones and sparkysays turned up between me failing to get a drink (lack of gas) and us wandering up and getting something from the upstairs bar. The support band were playing (Mark Burgess and the Sons of God) and it took me a while to remember what their context and significance was - until I recognised the guitar line from the next Chameleons song they played, in fact. That song and the last couple they played were not bad at all. I might well try to catch up with them at some point.

Between bands I went to the bar and met Kate Rowley, which was very pleasant. She seems well. I also talked to a couple of Neon regulars who had come along. Mr Burgess and Sons came out after a bit and stood waiting for NMA to come on - he'd said before going off that they'd really been enjoying seeing the band during the tour, and I think they did stay out and catch the whole set.

The first thing I noticed when they came on, before a note had been played, was that while the hair's still fairly short, it's getting awfully beardy in the New ModelArmy camp these days. If you have a look at the picture on their front page you'll see some of this - the new guitarist (Marshall - not in the picture) has a full and bushy growth, Michael Dean and Dean White have goatees and Justin's sporting his little whitemanhater - only Nelson still lives the clean-shaven life.

They started with Over the Wire, I remember that much. Wonderful Way To Go was in there, and Justin on his own with an acoustic singing Better Than Them, followed soon after by Nelson going onto the other drumkit for a very percussive Before I Get Old (both of these were fantastic). Water was about three songs in, and frankly the drumming alone wasworth the price of admission. No Vengeance, no Green and Grey and no Vagabonds(see comment below), but the last song was signalled across the stage by Nelson showing numbers of figures - Ah, I thought, having missed the first one, 225. But no - 125mph, which I think if I've ever seen them do it was maybe just once. Justin claimed they hadn't played it in 15 years. They were on for about an hour and a half, and I loved every minute of it.

Homewards was as easy as the trip over, except for Mark who had to sit through a ten-minute version of the drumstop-very-bad joke. So I was home in time to not be able to get to sleep but still have to get up earlyish to go round and feed Lara and Seth's cats. Ah well. Roll on, December. I think that'll be the first time NMA will have played Edinburgh in 20 years.

People on the NMA site, incidentally, have a recording of the Cambridge gig from Sunday. I intend to ask nicely later and see if I can get a copy of it.

And in case any of you haven't heard, Bauhaus are touring again in February. Dublin, Glasgow, Newcastle, London, one or two other places. Tickets from the usual outlets.

From The Guardian:

Israel is also continuing to expand the amount of territory it intends to retain. In July alone, it seized more land in the West Bank than it surrendered in Gaza: it withdrew from about 19 square miles of territory while sealing off 23 sq miles of the West Bank around Maale Adumim.

A somewhat cynical policy, I feel.

There's also been a story about transparent aluminium. Or, rather, a transparent aluminium-based ceramic that can be used for windows for armoured vehicles, but may make appearances as sratch-resistant screens for civilian use quite soon. I was reminded of one of RV Jones' anecdotes about working in defence science during the thirties - he misled an overcurious friend by claiming they were working on a transparent metal to build an invisible battleship from.

More locally, apparently a wider range of recycling bins are to be used in Edinburgh's tenemented areas soon, which I'm very pleased about. And finally, that page that everyone's been linking to - some facts about cats and their behaviour. And I've found a Model M in a storage room, which I'm typing on as we speak. A great improvement.
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You hadn't seen Andrew for a year? Is he not a regular at KJ's since they had the wean?
Gah! Idiot Graham!.

A different Andrew. I'll just make that clearer - thanks.
Errr . . . you're probably right. There was certainly another obvious one they didn't play. I'll give it some more thought.
They definately did not play Vagabonds (Lauren got hold of the setlist)
I've got most of the set from the links on their site. I'll try to remember to stick the list up.
Meep they played 125mph. Damn I hope they play it in Edinburgh.

Been singinf NMA songs to myself all week.
The Glasgow setlist (does not contain the encore songs)

Over The Wire
The Charge
Wonderful Way To Go
Carlisle Road
Another Imperial Day
Jes Acoustic
Red Earth
Before I Get Old
Stupid Questions
No Rest
Poison Street
Get Me Out

I have no idea what the encore songs were. Mark says one was "125mph" but he can't remember the other two. He also thinks that Better Than Them was played too. It was either an encore song or it was the acoustic one. I have no idea. The only song I know well enough to recognise and name and sing along to is No Rest.

May I add you to my friends list? Mark says I should warn you that I occasionally go a bit mad when it comes to posting. Especially if I'm extremely manic or depressed or can't sleep. You have been warned. :-P
Mark thinks he has the other two encore songs sussed. He thinks they were Purity and Flying Through The Smoke.