It seems like almost every time I have DJd, I get bugged to play stuff I don't have (there is a limit one can bring with them, especially if vinyl only like it mostly was in the past).

I remember being in the DJ booth at a club in the late 1980s (one of my best friends was the DJ) and he got a request by some air-headed suburbanite chick for The Cure. So he played Love Cats or something from that time period. She stormed back into the booth and demanded The Cure and he showed her the record sleeve.

She pouted and said "But I wanted NEW Cure". Considering that she never mentioned a song preference, I thought she did well to having her request played.

The best night I had was a many-years ago Laughtons 80's night when Scary Lady Sarah and I had 1 1/2 hours together to spin, and we got applause (I would say standing ovation, but it's a given that the dancefloor crowd was standing). We played what we wanted to play (mainly non-cheese) and it felt good to see people loving it.

It's nice when that happens. Not that it's happened to me very often.

Punters, eh? Even those bits are funny in retrospect. I did once see a shirt on sale, though, which said in big letters I AM NOT A JUKEBOX.
At The Calling I did have a run of psychic DJ moments when someone would come up to the booth, begin to try to get my attention and I'd show them the sleave or the case and they'd smile and give me the 'thumbs up'.

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