The Karloff/Devilish Presley/Skeletones gig was very good on Friday, but where were you all? Still, in spite of the low attendance, the bands worked hard and put on a fine show. I had a very good time. Karloff are from Aberdeen, I believe, and have silly outfits and hair and lots of fake blood. As Nik said, any band that need cleaning up after with a mop and bucket is one up already. Fun to listen to, too. Punkish in a Damned sort of way, I thought.

Devilish Presley I've seen before, but for some reason I enjoyed them more this time (and told them so). I don't know why exactly they seemed better, but they were. Possibly because they were having to make a more obvious effort with the smaller crowd, speaking to people individually and telling them to come closer. Whatever it was, it worked.

Zombina and the Skeletones were, as before, a lot of fun. I knew rather more of the songs this time, so I enjoyed it a lot. It was good to hear the songs off the 7" (although they had two more on sale to make sure we don't get bored). Kit the drummer is apparently leaving, which is a shame - she's very good.

It was nice to see caveynik briefly, too, although he was busy playing some very very good records. As I believe I've already said - where were you all?

Saturday was quiet during the morning - I mainly read the paper - and then went over to the Saunderses' place for Champions. After nipping home for dinner, I went down to the Venue to meet nickys, original_aj, hfnuala and chillies again at the Ballboy concert. The support was Decoration, who were competent but didn't really have anything jump out at me until the last song, which both featured the line "I'm going to get my City & Guilds" during the chorus and was vaguely threatening to turn into something reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine. They should definitely push that direction, IMO.

Ballboy were on good form, but the vocals were really too muffled, which hindered some of the songs. They were fun, though, starting with a cheery "Hello, welcome to Us - we're from Here" and going through the usual range of old and new songs. Olympic Cyclist was out again, but not in its acoustic version (which I've still not seen live - only Gordon gets to do anything during that one, I suppose) along with I Don't Have Time To Stand Here Arguing With You About The Size Of My Dick, and other well-titled ditties.

After that we went to the Guildford Arms for a couple of pints, following which I went on my own over to catch up with a few people at KJ's.

On Sunday Edmund called and we arranged for me to call back (so we could meet up) after I'd tidied and my parents had come round. I did the one, the other happened, and then couldn't get through to him on any of three numbers. I passed the time tidying a little more and going to Emusic to score the new albums by Ladytron, the Dirty Three and Echo and the Bunnymen. All very fine.

Today I notice that there's an implausible way of collecting embryonic stem cells that won't convince any of the significant opponents - after all, if it could conceivably form a foetus then it's impermissible to intentionally harm it by that argument, so all you're doing is creating a doomed twin.

Also, a figure of 50,000 is being bandied about for pandemic flu, although the worst-case (and very-unlikely-case) figure given is actually 750,000 - 1918 was 150-200k with about two-thirds of the population Britain now has, and there's no reason to suppose that that was as bad as it could conceivably get. However, this was also before many medical advances, including much life-support, antibiotics to fight secondary infections, and so on, so it really does seem very unlikely to go that far.

I've been looking at Google Earth again too, and trying to find Bear Island. After a prolonged search, I found a patch of sea with lots of named features but no actual land at all (at 74deg25' North, 19deg5' East). Clearly it's the famous submersible-island supervillain base. Who says you can't find out anything useful on the Net?
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speaking to people individually and telling them to come closer.

The only time I've seen them (supporting Bella Morte), they kept ordering people to come closer, which I found very offputting. Might have something to do with why I've never seen them again...

Is this the Bear Island roughly half-way between Norway and Spitsbergen/Svalbard?

(*checks Google Earth*)_Ooh, freaky...
Maybe it was the way they did it this time. They seemed friendlier. To me, at least.
It's when the band start asking the 'parents' at the back to come forward, that you get worried! Ouch! I wanted to drag the sound guy nearer to the front so he could suffer the pain he was inflicting on the rest of us. Only in NZ I hope!
Presumably routine operations would be cancelled. That would clear a lot of beds.
Ooh. Thank you. I can't see any of Chuuk, but I'm sure they'll come. I was actually looking at Orkney earlier to see if the sunken fleet is visible, but it's only low-res cover. For some reason it didn't occur to me to look at Chuuk.
Were was I, coughing loudly and feeling sorry for myself - paaaa.

I was really looking forward to seeing zombina but on the night only had enough energy to go and cough over purplerabbits for a short amount of time before going home to hug a duvet.

I am annoyed that I still haven't mad it to a single one of darkstone's new ventures. Will try better in november.
I hope you weren't feeling ill the whole time away, though. Better now?
Better now. Though the pain in my ears landing at luton was not something I wiould like to excerience again. I still could hear right till about wednesday.