Happy birthday Harold!

There have been a couple of articles in the paper over the last few days about the fact that Harold Pinter is 75 this year and there's little marking it in Britain - but a much bigger fuss in Ireland, for example. And in Stockholm, too - they've just given him a Nobel.

There's also an interesting Scotsman article about the infamous Dounreay waste shaft, and the measures needed to clear up the mess. What it doesn't say is that the explosion which probably spread the hot fragments they keep finding on the beach is thought to have been caused by somebody dropping kilograms of metallic sodium (which they use as reactor coolant) into a waterlogged waste dump.
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Re: Harold
"the papers show the shaft's concrete plug, weighing seven tonnes, was blown three to four metres into the air and thrown against a security fence, while a steel plate, nearly 1.5 metres in diameter, was blasted 12 metres."