WTF? Surprising move even for Christian Voice.

I went to see Night Watch on Monday with Seth, Lara, RLex, Sandy and Martin. Flawed ion some ways, but I enjoyed it a lot and will certainly go to see the sequel as and when. Certainly vastly better in my view than the extremely harsh Grauniad reviews.

I need to work on my CV. Ideally this would involve somebody threatening me with a cattleprod unless I get on with it.

And in lighter (yet strangely also heavier) news, it seems that Christian Voice are likely to do something pretty deranged even by their standards.

Ah dear. If they did not exist, it would be necessary to . . . stay well away from the topic and not give anyone ideas.

hfnuala earlier pointed out this aggravating article about US prisons resisting moves to eliminate institutionalised rape. She also linked to a relevant and far more pleasant Ursula le Guin short story, The ones who walk away from Omelas. Well worth a couple of minutes of your time in my view. (Thanks for both.)
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I don't understand that article -- it says Christian Voice plan to use the new law to ban the Qu'ran, but it also says they were demonstrating *against* the bill being passed. Eh? Are they just trying to prove a point about it being too broad? In which case, fair play to them...

From the sound of it, they'd like to get it banned if the law to do it is available.
if ti was anyone else but them I would have argued that it was showing the stupidity of that law in it s current form. But not quite sure with these people.

Personally I think it is a bad law and will lead to lots of silly cases and people using it to intimidate rather then stop hatred.
Personally I think it is a bad law and will lead to lots of silly cases and people using it to intimidate

I expect so. Hopefully the government will word it sloppily, which will allow all the stupid cases to take place.

If Christian Voice do get the Qu'ran banned, perhaps some Muslim group will retaliate using the government's other new anti-free-speech law, the one that bans glorification of terrorism. Under the govenrment's definition of terrorism, many of the actions of the Israeli government would count as terrorism, so perhaps they could get it made illegal to praise Israel. Even better if they could prosecute Blair the next time he justifies the Iraq war (the invasion of Iraq was terrorism under the definition), but I expect Charles Clarke isn't stupid enough to let that one through.

I'd like to see both laws collapse under the weight of their own absurdity.
No problem. Happens to us all, I think. Certainly happens to me, anyway.
Thing is, from where I'm standing, any work of scripture which endorses violence against infidels would certainly violate any reasonably-drafted law prohibiting incitement to religious hatred.
From where you're standing, yes. It's where the courts stand that matters.
I wonder if we can have a counter-suit trying to ban sales of the Bible? :)

"Though shalt not suffer a witch to live" -- sounds like advocating violence against unbelievers to me.

Didn't the OT God hate Canaanites too?
Indeed so. As far as I can tell it would fail, though, for the same reasons - lack of intent.
I think what people in general, and Christian Voice in particular, tend to forget is that laws are made to be used judiciously, at the discretion of police and prosecutors. Circumstances alter cases. Context is everything. Just because we have a law that *could* be used to do something really stupid, doesn't mean it ever *will* be used that way. All laws can be misused, after all.
in Austrialia a similar law basically ended up wth most extremist (as opposed to religious) wings of a religious group trying to take all other religions to court.

Thouigh you have the double whammy of the Satanic verses, where peopel claimed it inspired religious hatred and the response of these people could also carry the same claim
My aunty is a member of Cuntal Virtues. I mean, Christian Voice. And she is, basically, insane. Believes God told her that she can use her body as a healing tool, to reduce mental anguish.. through sex.

I hate Christians. So bloody dishonest. My Aunty is a good example, she loves sex and she's not going to give it up for her beliefs, so it's the old chestnut 'Oh, God came to me and told it was fine to have sex outside of marriage because I will use it for healing purposes' stupid bloody excuse.
What are these christians drinking?
If the Quran is guily of inciting etc., then the bible could be said to be just as bad.

Deuteronomy 13:1-5 "If there arise among you a prophet, ... saying, Let us go after other gods, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them...And that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams, shall be put to death...So shalt thou put the evil away from the midst of thee....

So, anyone pushing another religion shall be put to death.

these people get paid to write articles, and yet they end a piece with:

Most of the Christian running against the bill has been made by evangelical groups.

why not ...and it was good and we had chips for tea and then my mum said time for bed and i said awww. ?


It would be just perfect if their "ban the Qur'an" promotional literature was banned for inciting religious hatred.
In as much as I have a personal philosophy, it's inspired by that story. Not that I've managed to walk away yet, but I'd like to.
You mentioned it last week (or so), didn't you? I think it was you, but somebody defintiely did.

An excellent story. Thank you.
I adored Night Watch and am waiting for it to come out on general release so I can drag people out to see it. And yay, sequels!
I don't have a cattleprod, but I do have an interesting selections of other things I can threaten you with if that'd help. Actually, the only thing which is to hand is some beer, which I suspect would be counter-productive but I can threaten you with it anyway, if you like?
You could threaten him with the withdrawal of beer? It seems likely to work better.

The trouble with cattleprods as threats is there's always the fear he might end up enjoying it. I think giving his name as a spirtual seeker to the Scientologists and the Mormons would be a far more scary prospect.