The weekend, in a nutshell.

On Friday after work I hung around the flat for a bit then went out to the pub. There weren't many people I knew so I tried a different pub, where there wasn't anyone I knew. I decided to just go home, and on the way I bumped into Alan Brodie. I hadn't seen him in some months, so the trip out was worthwhile after all. Apparently Cropredy was really really good this year.

Saturday started with a quick trip to the post office depot, arriving just after it closed, then to a record shop via a couple of other shops to buy sophisticated classy personal grooming products (i.e, toothpaste). Later original_aj came round, we had a couple of jars sprung from the shop on the corner and went to the Chambers Street Reunion. This was quite fun, with various faces I'd not seen for good while. We didn't, as we had planned, go on to Bitch, partly because it turned out Dave Oxley had a birthday party on upstairs. Eventually I got very pissed off over nothing significant, and after waiting several minutes and not feeling any happier about things I went home.

Sunday was quiet until about six, when I went over to anonymous_seth and gingiber's place to a) admire instrumentation and b) go see Killing Joke in Glasgow. We didn't catch the support band and the sound was quite muddy, but apart from that it was a fine concert. Reza for Inertia turned up playing keyboards. Jaz came on slightly after everyone else, painted red, in a boiler suit, gurning and posturing like the appalling old ham that he is. However - and I never thought I'd find myself saying this about him - he was a rather endearing frontman. He seemed very relaxed and cheery between songs, actually. Halfway through he was taking the piss out of the audience's singing, and at the end thanking Glasgow for their loyalty over the years. Great stuff.

After getting home I went out Neon for a little, where Ed tried hard to break me by getting absinthe. No weird dreams this time, though - obviously I didn't have enough of it.

And now I'm at work and it's quiet. I may soon have another look at the Uni's jobs site.
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It's quite interesting as nutshells go. Definitely one of the better ones.