Yesterday on the way to work I heard a faint honking, and looked up. There was the biggest V of southbound geese I think I've ever seen. I counted twenty from one arm and from a guess at what proportion of the whole it was, I'd say there were maybe about 150 or so geese up there, stretched out right across the sky.

Of course, I thought of hfnuala.
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i saw something similar a few weeks ago - except they were silent and this was just as i was putting the car in the garage at midnight. It took me a while to focus on them and for my brain to comprehend what i was seeing. They were glowing white from streetlamps below and looked very spooky as they glided silently overhead...
You know, I could live with swans[1] reminding people of me, but geese seems a little harsh.

[1]Fionnuala was turned into a swan for 900 years by her stepmum.
Pyro and I marvelled at the huge flights a couple of years' back when we were staying at Portmoak at this time of year. Later, down our way, we get around 14,000 migrant swans returning to roost on the Ouse Washes each dusk.
I saw a similar number about this time last year in germany - which was worrying, as they were flying at about 50ft across the runway I'd just landed on...*8-0