We reject all humanist mythology that sees men in the abstract and ignores the reality of our lives

Paul Nizan, apparently.

I got another Interpol album over the weekend, and it's very good. About as different from the two I already have as they are from each other, and just as much fun. For some reason it doesn't say "Interpol" on it anywhere, but instead is labelled "Editors". Even so, I've no idea how they managed to sneak it out with so little publicity1. And a package arrived yesterday which I thought was a bit small for an Illuminati expansion, but it turned out it was a couple of Gin Palace CDs. I'd forgotten about having ordered them, but happily the band themselves hadn't.

Ordered another half-gig for the PC. Thirty quid for half a gig? I can remember when it was that much for four megs. And it wasn't all that long ago, either.

Very tempted by a cheap LJ5. And possibly by an OM2000. I've been thinking I'd like spot-metering, and it turns out there's a camera which is almost exactly like what I have, but with spot-metering. And a lot cheaper than an OM4. And almost indescribably cheaper than an OM3. But I'm buying too many records and concert tickets already and some evil evil individual has just told me that the Young Gods are touring soon too, so spending on anything very much may have to wait a while.

Peter denies all knowledge of the other lens, which leaves us at an impasse.

I'm tempted by the ten-songs-I'm-not-ashamed-of thing, but I'm stalled at six. I can, on the other hand, manage ten Things I Love About Where I Live, but could I manage to stop at only ten?

Zotz in Serving Years in Tibet
zotz (Adrien Brody) has made the worst career move of his life. With that familiar conspiracy theory ring, his ability to persuade his party is not what it used to be, and batswing, his secretary (Neve Campbell), is in a mess of her own. kisin (Burt Reynolds) devises the pizza. It is said that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. That utterly fails to be true in this instance.
Produced by ianiceboy

1: Yes, actually I do know. No need to explain to me.
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you can get an OM2SP for about 130 from ffordes. they are sometimes prone to a battery-drain fault, but i still think it might be a better option than the 2000 (given the old olympus-ending-in-0-is-bad thingme)

Maybe, but a secondhand 2k seems to be less than half of that, and it has a poncy fully-mechanical shutter.

I think I might be borrowing my Dad's OM2 for a bit anyway. I'll see how that goes before making a decision.
Good one. Your smooth delivery of Interpol Sarcasm actually had me searching the web for about two minutes, looking for a genuine connection between the bands.

And even now I'm not entirely sure if you were being clever or not.

Well, I was trying to be clever. That may not be the same thing.

But in spite of it being quite reminiscent of another band (a band I do like, incidentally) I do like it. In fact I'm listening to it again as I type.
When I bought 16M (4x4M 30pin 70ns SIMMs) for my 486, they cost a total of £250.