In other news . . .

I got a not-quite-spam mail from a company I bought a particularly fine single from a couple of years ago, telling me that they (finally) have an album out in a couple of weeks (and they're playing Edinburgh in November too). And according to u.m.a. there's another Clearlake album on they way too, but not available to plebs like me until next year.

The film version of The Fever, about which I have ranted and raved too often for you to wish to be told again to read it, is apparently playing in London this coming weekend as part of the Raindance Film Festival. The director, one Carlo Nero, has cast his mother as the protagonist, which is quite delightfully sweet. Still, if Vanessa Redgrave was my mother, I'd probably do the same.
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Oooh, The Crimea have an album out ? That would be the Tragedy Rocks which is listed on Amazon as an import at present ?


Though if it gives me any more of the embarassing moments caused by inadvertently singing Blow Job or 9 to 5 out loud in a roomful of people I don't know at all well there'll be trouble.
It would indeed. I still haven't picked up their third single, actually, which is very lazy of me. The shop that mailed me said they'd have it on the 17th.

I wouldn't have minded seeing their faces when you did that. Or your face when you realised, actually.