Weekend, mainly.

It seems that if you go off on one, there's a risk that it'll end up being read by people you've never heard of, who will the point it out to other people, some of whom you've actually already met. Very strange, but put like that not entirely unwelcome.

Last week was mostly unremarkable. I went for dinner and drinks with and grendelsmere on the occasion of Dave coming to Edinburgh for an evening, which was suitably fun. Viva Mexico for food then (as far as I can remember) Monkey then Hoose. Good to catch up.

The weekend involved being overcommitted. Friday I failed to lend out a lawnmower and ended up in the Hoose instead. On Monday I bought some records and a Ballboy ticket, then got reminded that I was due chez Saunders as well as Bucaing, so I went to the Monkey for a bit to catch up with people, only to find that nobody had arrived yet, so I didn't hang around. Chatted to Andrew J and Nicola on South Clerk Street, then got to Bruntsfield for Champions. Failed to download a nightbus map to see how I was supposed to get back from protocol_rain's party, so gave up slightly reluctantly on that because I had in any case to be at St Vincent's first for gingiber's drink. The world (and its dog) were there, and it's a nice place too. Apparently some years ago there was a killing there and it changed its name to something like "Coconut Sam's". No killings on Saturday, though.

Early on Sunday I fixed the problem with the PDF viewers, and then spoke to my folks, resulting in going to the Modern Art GAllery for lunch with them. We didnt finish in time to meet gingiber and anonymous_seth to go to Portobello, so I went to the Cartier-Bresson exhibition instead. And very good it was too. Then I went down to the Holyrood to meet up with purplerabbits and various others to go to Pancho Villa's for dinner (if I seem to be growing a Zapata moustache, someone please tell me). This seemed to be a success, but then Pancho Villa's so often is.

I caught the eclipse this morning through a couple of thin patches of cloud. Very nice. We still need more aurora, though.

So it was in some ways a slightly hectic weekend, but good fun. Now I'm back at work. I got a letter from the Uni last week pointing out that as no decision has been made concerning extending my contract, I should be looking for work, and outlining various ways they can help. I'm not sure whether this includes doing CVs or not. Probably not. That would just be too useful.

I'm quite annoyed with my work for having so little work involved in it, and for what there is being so far from either what the job really ought to be about (microscopy) or anything that I actually want to spend my life doing, but otherwise things are mostly good. seventorches, of course, has taken up plumbing, which is starting to sound like quite a tempting idea.

And finally, just because I can, a poll.

Poll #582128 Settle a family argument -

Is Stina Nordenstam :

a singer.
a hair replacement technique.
a university in Gabon.
a Hungarian football team.
one of the more obscure Old Testament sins.
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Stina Nordenstam

Stina Nordenstam is the sin of spilling someone else's seed on the floor as committed by Jeraboam and his uncle's donkey's third wife Shazshazar in the Book of Expectorations. And there was a great wailing and a gnashing of teeth.
Dorothy Parker apparently called her parrot Onan. It was always spilling its seed upon the ground.
No. Jeroboam had a monstrously huge pustule on the top of his head, which gave him a strange nozzled sillhouette and was given to bursting forth copiously whenever he got excited.
Funnily enough, I once read a freudian analysis of Grand Prix racing which dwelt extensively on that very image. They also said that the drivers desire to turn their cars into the corners was symbolic of something, I forget what, but it wasn't the desire not to crash into the barriers at high speed as you may have thought. Alas the author missed a golden opportunity to use the title "Putting the pricks in the Grand Prix."
Nordemstam just makes me think of Nordstrom's, a mall shop in the US. Never heard them, mind you.

I wonder what the sin of StinaNordenstam would consist of.
Probably something to do with genitals and sand.
Not cleaning the sand from one's genitals, therefore either forcing someone else to spill their seed on the ground or causing them to have to force you to?
Or trying to clean the sand off your genitals with a fish that doesn't have scales, forcing you to spill your seed into the fish?

...I think I might be sick in the head.
Quite possibly, although I have to say that (entirely due to comments by averybadman) I ended up having a similar conversation on Saturday concerning geese. It seems the repetitive and slightly outraged honking sound they make can be distracting.
Wait, using geese to get sand off of bits making them make outraged honking noises?

It does rather sound like someone walked up to them and just shoved a finger up their bum when they honk, come to think of it.

...oh, damn you. >_<
Stina Nordentam The sin of causing another to snort beer by causing them to laugh at the wrong time