Stuff. Misc. Two weekends and some odds and ends.


Cropredy was good. Mostly. It rained a bit, and somebody got arrested. This was a drunken punter, but even that's unusual. I had the unusual experience of hearing over the radio, while helping hold someone down until the police arrived, that there was a report that he had a knife. Not conducive to a calm relaxed attitude, I can assure you. We don't think he did, though - the police went through his pockets when they arrived, and they didn't react as if they'd found anything exciting, and we certainly didn't see a knife.

Also, a certain friend (we'll call him Ian, because that's his name) lost the keys to his hired car on Friday night. He was, of course, a little nervous about this. When we heard, the next morning, that they'd been found and handed in, we naturally made no efforts at all to inform him. He didn't find out for another two hours. It had occurred to us to have the big raffle fiddled so he could win the keys back at eight in the evening, but events conspired against us.

Last Tuesday, I went to see Queen Adreena in London with Raven. This was very fine. It was a very fierce performance, and ended up with Katie getting the front row to tear her shirt off - there wasn't much of it left, as she'd been shredding it all evening. Every time I see them is still different. Impressive.

Fridayish, the radiator on the car sprung a leak and my boss handed in her notice - headed to Sheffield. On Saturday I headed over to Leicester to be tephramancy's unglamorous assistant at the bicon disco. This was fun. Sunday I came back, very carefully due to the radiator problem, with valkyriekaren and wechsler. Yesterday was the Calling, of course - kitty_goth came up, which was excellent even if I didn't get to talk to him for as long as I'd have liked. Today a couple of problems came up at work. I went for a walk by the lake, and found the aforementioned boss feeding the ducks. She ended up throwing some bread at me as well . I'd always thought I was further up the food chain than that
She ended up throwing some bread at me as well .

didn't you learn anything in primary school? If they throw things at you, that means they like you! ;->
Or, in this case, that she's got truly terrible aim. Nice thought, though.
Oh I don't know about unglamorous, you were certainly smiling more than I've seen you do in a while atBiCon :)
O.K. totally unrelated I know but this was the only way I could think of to get in touch with you since I don't appear to have your address anywhere! There's a PhD student here who's trying to find the full sequence for a human gene he's fished out with a two hybrid system. He says there's 96% homology between mouse and human genes within the same group but can't find more info about this specific gene. Do you know where he should go next? Either drop me a reply here or I can give you a mail address or provide a mail address for him to contact you if you think you can help. I'm very grateful indeed and in case you hadn't guessed it it's Kate .... you know the one in Glasgow ...... the one in molecular virlogy ..... please say you remember me! :)
Yes yes, I remember you well. Things OK?

gc1 (at) will get to my desk instantly. As for gene sequences . . . what has he already tried? It's a little out of my field, but there are plenty of people I could ask.
Cheers for the reply - I don't know if he's taken it any further but it's good for him to realise that he'll get something out of talking to people.

Things are fine with me barring the same old nothing wroking malarky that I seem to get all the time. I'm waiting for approval for the next project I'm starting and I'm itching to get going on it - it's talking far too long for my liking so far. How about you?

Have you and objections to me 'friend'ing you on my LJ?
Get him to mail me if he's any questions.

I'm waiting for approval for the next project

Good luck. I get little things thrown at me a couple of times a week. It keeps me busy.

Have you and objections to me 'friend'ing you on my LJ?

Course not. Most flattered. I don't update the thing that often (I'm at least a week overdue currently) but you're more than welcome to.