Friday after work was the concert by Sir Kenneth Young and his Amazing Performing Aubergines, who were (as usual) strange and lovely. Water Rats on Friday and Oxford on Saturday, should you be up for such things, and I think they're on the radio on Wednesday - possibly Tom Robinson's show. Bumped into Gillian Foy on the way home, which was the first time i've been able to chat with her in several years.

Saturday was the open house thing, so I went round the Signet Library in Parliament Square ("the finest drawing-room in Europe!" - George IV) and Barclay kirk ("Barking!" - everyone), both of which were great. The kirk, in particular, is not at all what I expected. It's huge in there. It was the work of Frederick Pilkington, who seems to have been very talented but not have had many commissions. Sadly, his other major work, the Army and Navy Hotel in London, has been demolished. They passed round a spectacular picture of the roof taken from the top of the steeple, which of course isn't online anywhere. Later, after dinner with my parents, I went to Ascension and chatted to folk.

On Sunday I broke my computer - it's stopped booting, which I think is something to do with the SCSI chain. I'll have another look at it tonight, but it's possible that the CD burner has died. Ho hum. I have another. Then it was down to the Venue to see Queen Adreena with L&S and RAlex. They were fine, as usual. Katie's still barking and entrancing, Crispin still combs his hair between songs, the drummer didn't beat his kit into matchwood despite really trying, and they've still got the contemplative bassist from last time. The supports were Infrasound, a guitar band from Leeds that I liked but didn't find as distinctive as I'd have liked, and Ariel X, who supported them in Glasgow before. Hard Rock? In 13/8 time? Inconceivable! But rather good.

Straight after that I went over to Neon in time not to get a set, but that was alright as I didn't have to go home and get records. The music wasn't bad at all. Talked to Stu and Jane, watched Austin Powers films with no dialogue, and crashed.

Thanks (I think) to burkesworks for pointing this somewhat specialised community out. Worksafe but not necessarily brainsafe.

Eight months after the state of Ohio was told to retry or release Kenny Richey within 90 days, he's still in a cell on Death Row.

Quotation of the day (for no particular reason): we have each of us in the dustiest cellars of our minds a counter at which we strive to repay the debts of the past with the debased currency of the present.
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Re: confurvatives

You bastard. I think that I need to bleach my brain now.

(I keep scrubbing, but the bad thoughts won't go away)
The Wikipedia article about Kenny Richey doesn't mention that - could you pass me a reference? Thanks!
Amnesty UK's server seems down at the moment (the page should be here), but Google's cached version (dated 20th Sept as I type) is here.
I suddenly remember Alan, a long time ago, telling me about that Killdozer song and describing it as "like your dad and some of his dodgy mates coming home drunk from the pub and jamming".
He had us play it at Strangeways once, I think.

It's . . . awful. And yet brilliant. Somehow. Probably because of its complete lack of concern for the damage it does to the song.

Their version of Unbelievable is even better.
You do know that clunkies was started as a joke?

At least I *think* it was clunkies...