Biscuit in the area . . .

HMHB are playing Glasgow on the 24th of November. One more for me to catch, then. Also Aberdeen. Nigel seems to be getting more tolerant of stopping away from home overnight. Liverpool and Preston coming up, too.

In other news, there's a new Magnapop album. Well, what's a decade between friends?
Oooh. I may actually have to go to a gig in Glasgow finally. Is there any chance I could be really cheeky and blag a lift (if you're driving)?
Bloody hell!...I passed-out to Magnapop when they supported REM at the Milton Keynes bowl a while back!
That would have been 1995 according to Google. Just before their last album came out, then.
Ahh,the wisdom of Google...

Should be coming up for ultravioletman's birthday,so I'll see you then.

Any fear of you visiting the Shire again one day?...I need to be dragged,kicking and screaming to the Calling!
Excellent. Sounds good. I'll see you soon.

I was in Cambridge briefly in the Spring, but only briefly. It wasn't a Calling week. I should make an effort to come down, but it won't be until next year.
I'll probably be moving, or have moved, when they play in Liverpool, so the Glasgow date is good news.