Normally I would have, but I didn't manage to get a paper last Sunday. Good, though - thanks for pointing it out. I guess he's been doing intensive press lately.
Oh cool! I was just reading the Unauthorized Autobiography and spotting some clues in it for further books myself... didn't realise there were going to be as many as 13 though. For some reason I thought 9 would be the lot (a trilogy of trilogies, anyone?).
I think I read somewhere (his site, or the Fields') that there were going to be 13. I think it was heavily implied that the Baudelaires come to a sticky end, too, but I guess that remains to be seen.
ah, but!
If I believe correctly, in one of the first books he mentions "Later on in her life, Violet would not look back on this happily" - implying that the Baudelaires survive for a good few years yet... however, I can't imagine a Sunny who speaks in actual proper English!

*bites something hard*
Re: ah, but!
"Weezle!" said Sunny, which probably meant something like "I'm quite articulate enough already, thankyou!".

I love those books. Must get more (I'm only up to 4).
Re: ah, but!
I've only got the first three, but when I finally got around to reading them, read them all straight off.

Heh, am working up Voldemort (sorry, You Know Who) vs Count Olaf fiction in my head already... I'm bored at work, okay??? What's creepy about Count Olaf is the really human ways in which he shows his evilness. Whilst Voldemort has a team of dark wizards/elaborate spells, all Count Olaf has is a dastardly and devious (not to mention very clever) mind from whence comes his scheming for the Baudelaire fortune.

(Which will probably turn out to be a bag of turnips).
Re: ah, but!
Ah but, back -- if Violet is the only one mentioned by name in that way, then there's nothing to stop one or more of the others coming to a sticky end...