In my experience pedestrianisation usually creates a reduction in congestion and an increase in whining from motorists.
A further increase? Well, I know you're the expert, but are you absolutely sure that's still possible?
*Grin* I know, it's hard to imagine --- I think it's all the energy they save sitting around in traffic jams moaning about traffic jams. They've got to use it up somehow.
So we'll no longer be able to go to The Venue to see a gig, but we'll still be able to go to the venue GIG?
It seems so. Assuming there's anything on worth seeing, of course.
I doubt it, unless the figures in that article are wrong. They say they're spending 75000 on the revamp - that's not enough by any means to put together a live venue of the quality they're talking about; a decent PA for a place that size would cost more than that on it's own. That's before any of the structural work you'd have to do to change a shit nightclub into a good band venue, not to mention simple redecorating...
Allan Jackson, Tory transport spokesman on the council, said: "We have an Arctic climate in this country."

No, Iqaluit has a fuckin' Arctic climate, mate. Edinburgh, as I recall it, has a damp and windy climate, at least in mid-winter.

Is Revolution what I recall as The Armpitheater?
I think that's the one, yes. I'm pretty sure that's what it used to be called.
Ah yes, where I remember seeing Billy Bragg, John Cooper-Clark and other such luminaries during a particularly good festival season one year in the early 80s. And I also bumped into my Accounting student teacher working as a barman! Seriously embarressed him and worried me that he might let on to bouncers that I wasn't 18yo yet! Good memories :)
I was once talking to a guy who was in a band . . . possibly the Helicopter Spies . . who was also a teacher, and asked a class who their favourite bands were. One girl looked him in the eye and (inevitably) named his band. So he asked when she'd seen them and tried to remember if he'd kept his trousers on that night.

You don't get anecdotes like that in my work. Thankfully.
Well I've never heard of Helicopter Spies. But that does make me think...

Wonder where Pano and the guys from Hyperbolic Function (can't you just tell it was a school band!) are now? hmm...