Life and death are things you just do when you're bored.

I have to say that I think a custodial sentence for Kate Moss would be excessive, given that she has a young child. Community service would be appropriate, though - it'd be nice to know that she was doing something useful with her life for a change. (That sentence brought to you by the number three and the word "schadenfreuderama")

Dozing through the radio news can have odd effects. I could still hear the discussion about carbon dioxide emissions from airlines (although it went onto land use, which I think was probably just me) while standing on top of a jumbo coming in to land (although it kept turning into a double-decker bus and swerving to follow B-roads, for some reason).

Later (not very much later, obviously) I was walking along a road and turned left uphill in the hope that it would take me where I was headed. There was an underpass with the sunlight streaming down it towards me, almost obscuring the four swaggering figures blocking it as they came towards me. One had a big stick in his hand. I waited for them to arrive, and as they came out I could see they were skinheads, and obviously (I don't remember why) of a far-right persuasion. One of them smiled at me as they came out of the mouth of the tunnel and gave a delightful and slightly ironic one-paragraph speech about assuming that people were going to be threatening, and I walked past them. They turned round and followed me, overtaking me as I approached a spot where the path became vertical. They helped each other over the rise, and were gone by the time reached it. I climbed over and saw them disappearing into a small building which I realised was the local radio station, and then I heard the man who'd spoken being interviewed, as he was the BNP candidate in an election. he then gave exactly the same speech he had to me, but it sounded much more convincing when you couldn't see how aggressive they looked or the big stick they had.

Of course, BNP candidates are actually suit-wearers these days, and don't carry pick-axe handles to radio interviews. Not in the real world, anyway.

Friday was the Hoose with Lara and Seth. Very pleasant. On Saturday I went and picked up a few concert tickets (and the new HMHB album) and then went to chez Saunderses for some gaming, before going to meet Mindi (from the old Sanger team) on Princes Street, fresh off the Riccarton bus. She's up until tomorrow morning at some conference on genomes and informatics, or some such. It was good to catch up - and hopefully she'll be free this evening as she thought she might. The Sanger's not what it used to be, I'm told. The old esprit de corps just isn't there any more. Very sad. Anyway, we went back to the Monkey, and then to the Ann Purna for food. Very good. I put her back on a bus and then went to the Hoose, where Nicky, AJ, and assorted others were excellent company until closing time.

On Sunday I found that I had Monday off. My dad dropped round, and I messed about the house a bit, and read some more Sacks. Monday itself was quiet, as I hadn't arranged to go away or anything sensible. I made it to the local DIY shed to look at doorhooks and cork tiles, though - the latter look very plausible, although it does rather demand that I work out what to do with the bathroom more generally.

Later my brother came round and we went for a couple of pints in the Earl of Marchmont. Judging by my dreams this morning, they're putting something interesting in the 70/- these days.
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Could we have a poll on what we think Kate Moss' community service should be?!...
I personally would like to see her up a ladder,scraping the crap(and moss!)out of my guttering!
Any thoughts?
Well, yes. My lawn needs mown too, actually, but that's not a big job.
I would like her to help landscape a community garden or build something. That would put some muscles and fat on her and then she would be a proper role model to teenage girls instead of teaching them to wander around showing off their clothes and not doing anything useful.
I don't think she should be prosecuted at all. I mean, so she does drugs, it's not like this is a surprise to anyone, but she seems to be keeping her life together. All she's guilty of is enjoying herself in the way every tabloid journalist would love to.
And indeed in a way many tabloid journalists probably do - Fleet Street is rife with drugs.

But yes - models take cocaine. Film at 11.
Kate Moss should be told that cocaine is fattening.

And I've made my opinions clear on that boyfriend of hers as well.

As for community service, in recognition of her waif like figure and in tribute to Charles Dickens she should be sent to clean out chimneys. In a coal station in China. After all if she looks like a pipe cleaner then she should act like one as well.
Would you recommend that this be done to all cocaine users, attractive female ones, or just Kate Moss in particular?
Just ones that irritate me. There's no real moral aspect to this.

Well, actually I suppose there's the fact that cocaine dealing as a business involves a lot of violence and coercion, but that's not why I'm advocating a dose of lawnmowing in this case. The solution to that wouldn't involve prosecuting people for using anyway.
I think Kate Moss is highly unlikely to face charges. At the end of the day all we have is a tabloid photo of her snorting something. Ok, we all know it's coke, but a good expensive lawyer should be able to string that into reasonable doubt I'd have thought.

As for all the hoo-ha from 'we dont associate with drugs' H&M, hang on a mo. It might be a shock that she's been photographed with some sherbet, but it's hardly headline news that her partner is permanently off his face. If you are so moral as to want to dump her now, why did you not drop her before when she was associated with him?

I suspect "here's a good clean bit of PR" is at the heart of it.
I think Kate Moss is highly unlikely to face charges.

She could still do something stupid. Admit it in a taped interview, for instance. A man can hope.

tabloid photo of her snorting something

"M'lud, I submit to you that on reaching the studio my client found that the stick of liquorice was in fact missing from her Sherbet Fountain, although she clearly remembers it as having been present when she bought it . . ."

If you are so moral as to want to dump her now, why did you not drop her before when she was associated with him?

Deniability. She said she'd stopped, and who could actually disprove it?
I have to say that I think a custodial sentence for Kate Moss would be excessive, given that she has a young child.

If she were a nobody from the back streets of London you bet your life she'd get a custodial sentence, young child or no young child.