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  1. christopher brookmyre:
    Well, anyone who names his first novel after a Warren Zevon song has to be good, yes? And he is, although it turns out my sister doesn't like his stories (so I won't get her any more for Christmas). Gleeful carnage, satire-by-laziness (why make up characters and situations when there are so many hilarious ones littering the daily papers?) and, of course, Warren Zevon references.
  2. edinburgh:
    Navel of the Universe.
  3. gigs:
    Picking all the difficult ones here, isn't it?

    Loud evil music in dark smoky cellars. Performance. Impact. Crowds. Reminiscences later. Triumphs and mistakes and disasters and acts of lunacy. All human life is here, pretty much, in condensed form.
  4. irn bru:
    Nectar of the Gods. Water, sugar, caffeine and (of course) ammonium ferric citrate (from girders, natch).

    Good for more than one purpose, too. What Glaswegians don't know about hangover cures isn't worth knowing.
  5. michael marshall smith:
    Only Forward was the best SF novel I'd read for a good while, when I picked up a second-hand copy in Cambridge market. Spares was excellent too. Now that he's finished his crime trilogy, maybe he'll write some more?
  6. patti smith:
    She is stranger than fiction, and more intense. Either you already know, or I can't explain.
  7. real cider:
    In this sense, Addlestone's or better. The Cambridge beer festival was always good for this, as were some of the pubs off Mill Road. Up here . . . well, there's the Hoose, and I could always go to the Halfway House more often.
  8. spurious list entries:
    Hatstand. Flurble. Wheeblewangler.
  9. the magnetic fields:
    From hearing Lonely Days on Radcliffe's evening show, to hearing Jyoti Mishra raving about Stephin Merritt on u.m.a and u.m.r.r, I went to ordering a copy of 69 Love Songs over tha IntarWeb - it was never going to get a British release, after all . . . except that it did, at half the price, the next day. And I had to wait two weeks for it to arrive. Never mind, I've got the interview booklet and you don't.

    Still the best-value album ever made. Possibly still the best album ever made. Certainly the best budget concept triple-CD ever likely to be made.
  10. zombina and the skeletones:
    Not just a silly name, but also a rather good rock band. Playing here soon, too.

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Real cider up here! Ha! I giggle in the general direction of your puny appley offerings!

Hence the Halfway-House comment. Last time I was there they had . . . either Crone's or Cassels on tap. I forget which.
Hmmm, Crone's. When Alex and I were first keeping company, I used to visit him in Cambridge and insist on us going to the pub with Crone's everytime.

Where's the Halfway House?
Halfway up Fleshmarket Close - i.e. halfway between Avalanche and the station.
There's a pub a spit from work which will do you a pint of Addlestones. OK, so it'll charge you upwards of 3 quid for the privilege, but hey.
You into Carl Hiaasen at all? His books get a little similar after a while — they're all set in Florida on a background of the corruption of life thereabouts — but they're great stuff.
I have one in my to-read pile. I can't remember the title offhand, though.

Things getting samey is OK, as long as I don't try to read several together. Kinky Friedman has the same problem, but I still enjoy them a lot.
I think that's been on your to-read pile a while - I remember a Hiaasen novel kicking about back in Godwin Close.
I think MMS said at the Border's meeting that he certainly plans to write more sf in the future, though I think his next work may be another MM book.
Good good. I'll probably read the next one regardless. Just not as soon.