Re: The boy's in blue
Indeed. Took me a couple of readings to spot that one.
Re: The boy's in blue
I was too busy shouting "Badger! Badger!"

It's been years.
I may never grow tired of 'it's coloureds having a domestic.'
Try clicking on the pdf thing at the top instead, I couldn't get them to enlarge either, but that worked.
I haven't seen Pleasantville. Presumably this is the colour bit?

It may well be inspired by that. When the strip was shrunk at or soon after the last redesign, in '88, the Penguins (the first of which came back from the Falklands in '82 as an ilicit passenger on a Royal Navy attack punt) complained about it in much the same way, so I guess the temptation to repeat and extend now that colour's available was just too much for him.

So. Pleasantville. Worth watching?