So, following revelations that BAe were giving money to Pinochet as recently as last year, the Serious Fraud Office are to investigate. It's a shame we haven't had any good news about the general losing appeals, recently, but it's good news regardless.

I notice also that Cliff Stanford's slightly ill-fated copying of emails resulted in Shirley Porter having to cough up 12 million quid that she'd been claiming not to have. Result!

Doonesbury's apparently back in the Guardian on Monday, and if you like If . . . at all and you've not seen this week's, then it might be an idea to get someone to show you them. They're rather good. The new Private Eye cover is worth looking out for too.

Cthulhu last night, then home for an early night. Relatively early, anyway. Not long after midnight.
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The Guardian digital edition is free (no registration necessary either) till Monday, so you can see the If... cartoons on there.

Mick Harvey review on my journal if you're interested.
Very true, thanks. I'd forgotten about that in spite of having mentioned it earlier in the week. Still, I'm not really using my brain much any more so I don't suppose the decline needs to worry me.

I saw the review, yes. I suppose can take some comfort in it only having been enjoyable rather than life-changing, but it would still have been good to be there. Ho hum. There are various good gigs coming up that I can make, though.
Hey, snap on the music front. The CD case is very scary.
You liked the photo last night. Is it more frightening in daylight?