Waiting for the man fnord.

John and Tor and Derry were round last night, waiting for people who didn't turn up. The five of us played Illuminati, which I enjoyed a great deal. I haven't played in more years than I care to think of.

I notice that Expansion 3 has been re-released for the new edition. The RRP looks good, although it'll probably be the usual 1:1 exchange rate. (I found these searching on Ebay, though)

You may notice SJG also link to this unofficial extra card, as well as various other Interesting Things that most of you probably aren't cleared to see.
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Heh. That's printed out and pinned up on my awfice wall now.

Although I know that none of my cow-irkers will get it.
Do you have the Y2K expansion, and would you like it if you don't?
I do have it, thank you, yes. In fact, I was Shangri-La last night, which I've never played before. The relative lack of peaceful groups is a bit of a pain for them.
I have now splashed out on Brainwash . . .

The internet is a very costly place. Still it wasn't actually a pound per dollar, so in one sense I got off lightly.